I would start by doing a compression test. no fuel gets to the carb idk whats wrong. New plugs, gas, and fuel pump, carbs clean, got spark and compression. We tried the same thing and got it to move about 2 ft and we could get it to go. Thanks! Next, I would clean the carbs, use fresh gas, make sure your plugs are good and then check for vacuum leaks. Look for cracks in any of the fuel and breather lines. This past Saturday, I had it out running it, and all was just peachy-dandy. We changed the spark plugs and pumped all the fuel out and put new in and still wont even try to start. I have not put it back in the snowmobile. Hope this helps. I ordered this boat new. Came back with the truck and took it home to the garage. A lot of riders will run it through their first tank of fresh gas each year. I drove it a couple times since when we got a little snow but once would idle for awhile then die and if started and drive warmed up it would bog and backfire and stall then not restart until sitting for awhile or sometimes on full choke and part throttle it would start at times. I dont know were to go after and i was wondering if anyone knew how i could get this old girl humming again(When she ran a week ago she sound amazing) (When i bought it it had sat in a shed for about three years), I bought a 2001 Arctic cat two years ago but only ran it once last year. We were on the trails close to home and it happend. I guess I can try to bypass for now. Hey Connor do a compression check to make sure that nothing is damaged internally. After that, you could check your fuel pump. I love it to death but two years ago it died on the top of a hill right after the snow flap fell off. Hi Lucas. Hey Ben, since you have ruled out your coil and plug wires/boots, I would think that the problem might be with the stator or in your wiring harness. If there is a crack in the boot, it will suck in too much air, which is why it would run with the choke on. Thanks for any help. Pulled the plugs and ran several pull cycles to blow any excess fuel out, tried again, still nothing. During the course of operation, I shut it down and restarted it a number of times while waiting for sledders to make their runs down the hill we were on. Check to make sure that your choke is still functioning properly. Then checked to make sure both plungers in the carb lifted simultaneously when squeezing the throttle. Plus tons of the small pieces needed to button up or couple your transmission and drivetrain. Went back today and went to start it and it won’t fire (except w/ starting fluid or gas down the holes) what do I think it maybe? Checked the compression, the left jug was at 110 psi and the right jug was at 108 psi. I’Every only driven it twice and both times it stalled after about an hour, and wouldn’tstart again till it cooled off. It seemed like it was fine so we went on the trails and it happend. If there is a choke to pull out, where is it located. Check out our website at www.totemstrips.ca We offer a large variety of cedar b&c and square edge strip sizes & lengths in Red and Yellow Cedar. I have a 95 Arctic Cat 580 carb. All rights reserved. I would start by taking a compression test. Lead me . Looking for a G3 boat, Cedar Strips/Kits for Canoes, Kayaks, Paddleboards & Rowboats, Classic all-teak Colin Archer 53' ketch wooden sailboat, Wanted: I can’t get it to start again. Select the game you want to submit hints, cheats, codes or walkthroughs for from the list below and click 'Go'. I’m very new to this so pretty uneducated about snowmobiles. Hey have a 1973 398 cheetah how much vacuum should it read on a gauge from the crankcase to check for bad seal ? Engine install cost $13,000. You may want to check to make sure that your float and needle jet are working properly. When starting I have to press the throttle a couple times to get it to fire. i havent started it a 2 weeks. Hey Rod, it could be possible that you could have honed the cylinder bore out of spec for a stock piston. Bought a used calibration module, started right up! 320-358-3409 or by email at techsupport@denniskirk.com. 3. You may also want to check your compression. I pull start and it goes 60 yards. This could be the result of a couple different things. thanks. You can call tech at 320-358-3409 or email at techsupport@denniskirk.com. Thank you, Hi there, I NEED HELP!!!!!! put in fresh gas, new plugs. Sled ran great then when on the trail later it died on the trail. I tell him I put gas in it to ride to the gas station and he says why it had a 25 of in tank. Does Your Harley Need an Aftermarket Camshaft? Just wondering if you might have any other ideas. I let it sit over night and it still won’t start. After 91 octane non oxegynated new gas and a little Seafoam it ran great at 4,000 RPM or above but when dropping to idle dies. Especially when I slow down or stop and want to get going again. From there you will need a tester to check the ignition coil, stator, and so on. Was running good all winter previous to this. Skidoo starts with one or two pulls. ... 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 SEA DOO SPARK 900 ECM FLASH - ENABLE SPORT MODE ON YOUR 900 ACE TO GO FROM 60 TO 90 HP / INCREASED RPM (1000 RPM) / INCREASED TOP SPEED (10 MPH) - NO OTHER MODS ... J30 racer/cruiser. Pick up only. What would cause this? Hi Dan, it sounds like your sled is not getting any gas flow. My sled just quit I just had the dealer do a top end rebuild along with some other work in other systems. Next, I would check the carb boots. we let it sit for 10 minutes and then it would start up and run long enough to get us back to our workshop about 1/2 mile and then it would die again, checked the wiring and it all checked out, no shorts, kill switch and throttle safety switch is working correctly, after the sled sits in the shop we can run it with the track in the air and it would run for hours without an issue. Cleaned carbs again and fuel pump. I figured it out, my crankcase was filled with gas and kept fouling the plugs when trying to start. It will start, sputter a bit then die. What could be the problem? Hello, I got a 1997 Ski-Doo Formula 500 Deluxe from a friend you has had it stored for 5 years. Preseason pricing, INNOVOCEAN Metal Master for Sale (10% off+$500 Free Accessories), The best value of Inflatable Tenders 2021-INNOVOCEAN Osprey A, Sectional Barge Marine Work Platform I-20, Wanted: Plugs wet with coolant. $1500.00 This little rig works great on the river, with lots of trips down the Cowichan, as well as many ... Fiberglass, monohull/racer cruiser, masthead sloop. Did a comp check and both are around 100 psi. Please contact me for more info. You can also hot wire it to bypass the switch, but then anyone can just walk up and pull it over and start it. hey….2000 yamaha srx 700. sat for a year before i got it. Hey Kenny. new plugs were installed when the carbs were cleaned. This Boat was hand made by a very skilled craftsman,Cedar and Fiberglass.Due to health issues ,this Beauty is up for sale. Any suggestions? I got a 98 summit x670 it’s will start and idle fine but as soon as you touch the throttle it backfires thru the air box and does but will start right back up once u pull it over. You may also need to clean the carbs. He gave it some throttle to move it forward a few feet. Removed the bowl… which was really “greenish” in the inside. You will also want to make sure that your fuel pump, fuel lines and filters are all in good shape as well. Hey I have a question. 2. I have an 07 summit 800 that had no spark put in a new coiland it ran for about 5 minutes then no spark again the high side of the coil is dead what would burn out the coil ? I have a polaris 650 xlt triple I can get my sled to fire and run til the gas is out of cylinders but won’t stay running. I think I installed the rings correctly but may have to take apart again and check. Plus, should i drip some oil down the spark plug holes before i fire it up? When I go to start it, I get nothing. About a week ago I filled the sled with 93 octane hoping it would start but still nothing. I would then probably clean the carb while you’re in there. Thanksgiving night I rode it for about an hour. i have a 1994 ski doo stx 583 rotax rave that will start but it wont stay running what should i do. – CDI box? Hello Ryan. If I press the throttle a couple more times, it again will start, run kind of slow and eventually idle up like it is supposed to. Thought I would get my snowmobile ready, instead of waiting until it’s really cold out….and snow in the forecast. Gass is full. In the summer the boat is stored on a boat lift in a boathouse. Then MAGICALY it just dies like its fuel starving. I have 96 formula III 600 triple my friend sent me a regulator same plug pert near identical except the one I pulled off has 3 wires replacement has 4 will it work, I have a 1989 Yamaha Ovation 340LE I bought i this summer pulled her a few times and she ran like a bute. Your email address will not be published. My guess would be that either the coil or an electrical connection was holding moisture and was preventing it from firing until it was able to dry out. From there I would move on to testing your ignition coil, stator and if all else fails you may need to replace the CDI. You can check to make sure that the oil pump is adjusted correctly and then check the carbs. What could be the issue? Cylinders appear to be getting compression, fuel, AND spark, but it just won’t fire off. (Usally no choke). On my Artic cat 440 Panther 1992 mouse chewed my wires had a nest behind air-box and the thumb warmer wire was stripped and chewed off grounding on frame sled. Our tech support will be able to help you troubleshoot further. Check to make sure your carb boots are on correctly and are not cracked. It’ll start and idle for a bit but won’t continue idling unless I flip the enricher for a bit. Black smoke usually means that the engine is running too rich. If you want to check the compression, but don’t want to buy the tool, you can loan a tester from an auto parts store. 10’x40’x5’ sections in stock ... Last Tango is currently participating in the Cooper Boating Bareboat Charter Program in Sidney, BC, one of their three bases. The spots are pictured and seem to be where it rested against a dock or something. We tried bypassing the fuel filter and pet cock, still no gas going through. My cdi is a little bigger but the wires of the 1994 has a extra wire looks like it plugs in has 3 males coming off of it and this box is alittle smaller can I just leave this unpluged haven’t tried it yet what do u think my is a 1997 cdi this one is a 1993 cdi, Do you have a cdi box used one that works I don’t feel like paying 643 dollars for a new one I got 1997 arctic snowmobile ext 580 fuel injection let me know thank you. Only selling as I have upgraded to a twin cabin ... For sale is my custom 8'-4" Achilles river raft, with everything you need to get on the water! Also check to make sure that choke cables and plungers are not hanging up. What to do When Your Snowmobile Won’t Start. Adding to earlier question. Price includes taxes. This spring she wouldn’t start so I waited till about three weeks ago to finally get the carb checked and she was filthy i cleaned her out good and put it back together put a few drops of gas down the cylinder and she fired right up again. i pulled it over with the plugs out and gas came out. (Ferro Cement). 11 ft Inflatable dinghy with extended deck and high pressure inflatable floor. La Volpe is a classic, cutter-rigged Colin Archer ketch built in Norway in 1962. Hi Joce. This is where a can of starting fluid and/or carb cleaner can come in handy. Next, seemed like there was only gas in 1 of the gas lines going to the carbs(belt side). I was able to pull the lines off of the carbs, I poured gas in them until they were full and put them back on the carbs. I changed the plugs and they are wet. I have checked every forum I can find and can’t find info on this problem. Hopefully the internals haven’t rusted and seized. For more information on this model, call us at 306-922-6363 or visit www.lundboats.com. I’ve never seen that before!….. so I pull my pulse line out and cranked the engine till oil stop coming out (about 100 pulls)… after I cleaned up my fuel pump and tried to start my machine and now there gas skirting out the small hole on the pump… so again I pull out the pulse line and now there gas coming out of the crankcase… my fuel pump diagram looks in perfect shape… I don’t think its coming from my pump… help?… does that year and model have a drain plug for the crankcase? If it is low, then you will need to tear it down to see what the problem is. Low compression I believe. Included more accessories (FREE Canopy/Wheels, Ladder, ... 17% off Boat Show Special. Why does it mean when my snowmobile start then dies, Hi, this could be a few problems with your fuel. Please help me. Increase the search radius for more results. A weak coil could also cause your sled to not stay running. Will not start. I rode my sled last night it was great for about an hour …when I let I idle it would start to die down and 30 min later I turned it off and couldn’t get it started ..there was fuel in my crankcase and a lot.. Got a 550 indy that has very weak spark, changed the coil as the other one tested faulty, still doesnt seem to have enough spark. Sprayed starter fluid in it – I sprayed some starter fluid in the carb intake and gave her some pulls… nothing. Re assembled sled started right up but once the choke is turned off it will not idle for more than a 5to10 seconds before it dies. 1980 exiter 440 was running fine when we bought it, took for one rip around the block now no spark. I have a 1984 polaris sprint 340 and the thing will not start with electric start, checked the battery voltage and was good, want to know if i need new starter or what. I have a 1995 Polaris Indy 500 , I drained the gas put fresh gas . 320-358-3409 or by email at techsupport@denniskirk.com. I have pulled and pulled, and used the electric start probably more than I should of? Use 50:1 injection oil directly in cylinders new plugs few drops into engine to lube it that increases vacuum to put fuel through a sled that’s been in storage for along time. Justin. Once home we tried again and it turned over but sounded bad and wouldnt start. I recently bought a used artic cat 440 it has fuel in it. when they where hooked up it wouldn’t run, it was running like it was on choke. And today I tried again, I cranked and cranked and cranked on it, but all I got was a backfire. Dripping some oil down is also a good idea. Also make sure that the fuel lines and any vacuum lines are all in good condition and that the fuel is flowing through the lines. I am looking for a 12’ or 14’ G3 boat or comparable. I can pump the primer and hit the throttle and it will run. Also when it is revved it bogs a little bit. It might start again after many pulls or it takes to many and i give up. Cannot get it to start. If the engine speeds up, the seals are bad. 320-358-3409 or by email at techsupport@denniskirk.com, Hi I got 1995 arctic snowmobile ext 580 how can I tell if my voltage regulator is bad just bought this used guy said didn’t run I had it running for like 3 minutes then dyed out had spark but now just a little there’s a new stator in it its getting fuel running outta ideas. For more help contact our tech team at 20-358-3409 or by email at techsupport@denniskirk.com, I need some help I just rebuilded my switchback motor 800 2009 I have no spark. I left it there for a couple of hours and then it started up and ran fine thereafter. My question is that it is smoking a fair amount of blue smoke and I’m wondering if the oil gas mix I pored in is just burning off the pipes or if there are issues with the oil pump? The plugs show a spark when I ground them to the top of the engine bolts and turn the engine over. One hour on hour meter!!! Hope this helps, but if you want some more one on one help you can call our tech department. Google, Google Play, YouTube and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. 1974 Bertram, twin Yanmar diesels, just pulled out and bottom painted, new anodes, full canvas enclosure built last year. It a 1995 I dump the gas put fresh gas in and I still have to pull the plugs and put gas down .Then it well start how do I fix that I don’t have to put gas down into the Sparks. Hi Katie, check the impulse lines and then check to make sure that you don’t have a bad crankcase seal. Maybe a fuel pump? im having trouble with my 1996 skidoo mach 1 670 with not starting ive tried everything on the list above and i got one bang out of it when i tried pulling it please help me or ill have to sell it as is and i dont want that to happen, Hey Wyatt, if you have good spark, good compression and good fuel it should start. took it to the trail and it would not idle. Mirrocraft. Any ideas what is wrong with it? Hey Jake, contact our tech line and we will be able to help you troubleshoot your problem. I can get it to rev up and go but after a few minutes it’ll bog down and die. Hey I’d really like some advice because this is kind of an odd situation. We have got it to move about twenty feet but then it dies. I have a 1999 Polaris rmk 600. it would not idle. Andrew. You will not find another boat like this: the entire hull, as well as the deck, is built from old-growth Burmese teak. You can call them at 320-358-3409 or by email at techsupport@denniskirk.com. Good spark. Hey Roy. From Bellhousings, Flexplates and Flywheels to Clutches and Torque Converters. Put fresh gas in and then check the fuel lines and filter to make sure that the gas is flowing through. Any ideas?? It’s still stuck in the field. Your snowmobile engine needs three things to run- Spark, Air and Fuel.  If you’re not getting the proper amounts of any of these three, your sled is not going to fire properly. You should check to make sure that your choke is adjusted properly and working good. You should also check to make sure that the ring end gap is to spec as well. Kind of stumped on this one. When I started it it bogged down and died. Hi Brian, Backwater Boats are fun and affordable boats suitable for time on the water with family and friends, sightseeing, fishing, hunting and transport to/from shore. Replaced the plugs. Of course, your engine needs to have spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture to start. The compression isn’t low enough to where it should be causing the sled to die. I also have a 1986 polaris SS 440. What was that pop? I was fiddling with the electric starter and accidently jump started it the machine fired up and continued to turn over for about 5 seconds. would be helpful (especially if I have to go to the stator, I’ve never been there. ) What could this be. I have also cleaned out the fuel filter. Ryan… I have a 2005 BRP Skandic Tundra R 277 cc … last year when at the end of the season the engine was bogging so than I figured it would need a carb cleaning before starting the season… so I clean out the carb and yes it was worth it… when I went to pull start it( no electric starter so pull rope start) it was almost impossible to pull on the rope and oil was coming out of my top of my fuel pump small vent hole..My crankcase was full of oil…. I have an 05 gsx 600, recently cleaned the carbs, ready with a box of new plugs(it eats up plug after plug) it’s been flooding easily with gas. I have a 1999 Polaris XC. 320-358-3409 and email is at techsupport@denniskirk.com. You could also check to see if the throttle body has any varnish built up on it. If you have a round slide carburetor, you can take the cap off and check out the slide. Then it once it starts (if it does) will run and move for about 50 yards and dies like its fuel starving (usually you need to use the choke to get it started again.). These are a few things to check. clean the carbs and soak them in carb cleaner and then try putting some seafoam in the gas tank so you can gum out your lines, I have a 1994 ski doo formula stx 583, about a week ago I tipped it and i parked it in the garage and it sat for a week and now it has no spark. The sled starts fine but is sluggish out of the hole, should i try another compression tester or start tearing g the engine apart? We also manually spun the motor/clutch but it was really tough. Hey Tom. It could be a few different things and it would be hard to diagnose without knowing more. More then before tho. Great boat for racing or cruising. And since you’ve ruled out your fuel pump, after cleaning the carbs, I would look at your stator. Hey John, glad you found the post helpful. i stopped it. Brand new 35 HP Kubota engine. Another tip is to pull the rope slowly a couple of times, not trying to start it, to get everything moving. In good condition with minor scratches from normal use. I was reading these comments and I think it maybe the fuel pump. I’ve cleaned all carbs and floats. If it seems like it keeps flooding out, you may need to replace the needle and seat. You should also clean your carbs and make sure you’re fuel pump is still in good working condition. the minute we take it out for a test drive under load same issue above. I reinstalled the battery and belt went to start it the gear spins but doesn’t engage anything can you tell me what I am missing here I am new to this. Blue Moon was owned by the Pendrel ... Prices are as in description: 1. You could also check the crank seals as they could cause it to not idle if they are leaky. He has enjoyed powersports his whole life and now gets to write about it. Here’s what I did. i dont know any ideas on what my problem might be? I did remove the spark plugs and they looked like they were coated in oil (black). Hey Ryan, I have a 1997 ski doo 700 triple mach 1 with a 583 cc 1990 mach 1 engine. It’s sputtering oil out the exhaust. Could u give me some main reasons to why this happens? If the game you are looking for is not listed, then it need to be added to MobyGames first.. Windows Games: Engine seized at 60 km a hour , took heads off seized rings on piston opposite side of fan , put new piston and rings got jug redone by professionals , put back together starts good but knocking , compression 120 on both , took heads and jugs off again check cranks seams all tight , could it be from clutch? If you are not sure about their condition, it’s not a bad idea to just rebuild the fuel pump. I removed the carbs and cleaned them it seemed to idle fine for 10 minutes. Cleaned carbs and has been running great. Today I went out to try and start it and it won’t start, it usually starts first pull with full choke put it won’t start at all… please help. Engine rattling a bit once it’s warm. Hey Mike, since you just rebuilt the engine, do a compression test to check your work. Gas is still in from last year. $25,000 OBO, AQUAMARINE 11 ft INFLATABLE DINGHY w AIR DECK FLOOR, Classic Chris Craft Super Deluxe Enclosed, Variety of sailboat masts ranging from 35’ and shorter, Wanted: It will start on the second pull, run fine for hours but once I shut it off, it will not restart until left overnight. Blew out jets and housing with compressed air and carb cleaner. I have a 94 Polaris INDY XLT that has sat for a few years. Try a little few drops directly into each cylinder with new plugs and try start sometimes this will prime up a dry engine that has been in storage it will build vaccumb for fuel to flow correctly. Hey its connor again with the 1986 polaris ss 440. Most O’reillys should have them. I have a 2005 Polaris 550 Trail Touring. but dosent last long running.a buddy of mine says it could be the recoil would that be a reason why it wont run? My son has a 1990 Yamaha Exciter. It will turn, turn, and turn but it wont pop over. Hi I have a 98 zr 500 and I just cleaned the carbs new plugs and I have to pour gas down the cylinders to start it, and it only stays going for a bit and smoke is comming out the spark plug holes.please help, we have a 1996 Ski Doo 440 fan touring LE. After many, many pulls, it started and ran as if it had a low RPM rev limiter! Any ideas what could be wrong and if a can fix it? im going to drain and replace the fluids and replace the plugs. First thing I did was pull the carbs since he just bought the sled not knowing if they were ever cleaned before. I wouldn’t run it anymore. It doesn’t want to go. Just for the heck of it. Put the plugs back in and it may be good. Make sure that the plug caps are on securely. i then went on a vacation so i was gone. Hope this helps. Is the heat of summer causing this since it is jetted for cold weather? Started and ran fine when I got it but it did smoke some. What do you think my problem is? If you are still having problems, you can contact our tech team for more detailed help at 320-358-3409 or by email at techsupport@denniskirk.com, I have a 98 zl500 and we rode last night and it ran fine but when we would stop it would idle high and eventually it backfired and it ran like it was really boggy and wouldn’t run like it did an hour before that. Hi I just purchased a 1998 Polaris indy trail. I checked my spark plugs and I didn’t see spark because it was during the daytime that i did it. Price is for outboard only. The first couple runs were great but then I began to notice the sled was definitely not running at full power, was boggy and after the last couple runs as it came to rest would die out. The arrow is pointed towards exhaust as per directions. we changed coil, and CDI box, and Stator and now it will not start at all and while pulling it will pull the recoil back in with a little back fire, could stator be out of static time? So lately my snowmobile wont idle and if it dies I have to let it sit and now this moring I went to start it and it wont start. Plugs are clean and new, pumped out the old gas and replaced it with new gas. I don’t I now a lot about fixing sleds. Hey Matt, if you think that it is flooded, you can take the spark plugs out and pull the engine over ten or so times. I have a 2001 Arctic cat zl550.