I made the cookies but they puffed up instead of spreading out. Deb, are those regular chocolate or tempered chocolate discs? But, I know what most people like soft cookies. They are larger and flatter though not quite as large as the valrhona feves. I love that you froze this and it came out well! This way, there’s always a roll ready for last-minute company. thanks for including this recipe, even if one of the few non-smitten kitchen originals i’m interested in these days ;). Where the heck is the start-up youngster company inventing edible screens?? 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder thanks for your input! I’ve baked a few frozen ones twice now and they’re not the same. om nom nom!!! For example, I weighed (while measuring) the flour and 3 cups weighed in at 445 grams. Two years ago: Nancy’s Chopped Salad 1 1/4 cups (10 ounces) light brown sugar Nine years ago: Zucchini Carpaccio Salad, And for the other side of the world: Where did you find the chocolate disks or fèves? The wait time is difficult because I tasted the dough right from the mixer and loved the stuff so much. of course after i sent the above post i found the answer — so sorry! You might like this (although on the tall, chunky side) or this recipe instead. I hesitate to refer to it as arduous, as the metaphor refers to cookies and not any sort of journey that has actual risks. I love these cookies and also love seeing how different people tweak the original recipe. Oh my these are looking so great that I want to eat it right now. I live with two teenage boys who simply would not be able to stand it.l. As others have said, forming the blobs of dough then freezing them for later baking is the way to go. Read it here.] I’m wondering where you can find these chocolate rings. I also did not use a mixer and made these by hand with a wooden spoon. The edges have crunch. Lately I have been into the trend of large chunks of chocolate…and I should have known Whole Foods would be a local answer…I miss living across the street from one. -chocolate was chopped baker’s bars, the cocoa flakes and dust found its way into every nook and cranny of the cookie. My guess is that you can bake from frozen but it will certainly take longer; I often find that frozen balls of dough spread less in the oven, too. It’s pretty funny. Julie — Just a different beast altogether. The very same recipe from the very same New York Times article! I wonder if it’s the butter? The results? I wish I could achieve that completely flat cookie in your picture. Hi again, Deb–I couldn’t find an answer in the comments above…do you know why the recipe calls for a combination of cake flour and bread flour instead of just using all purpose flour? Perfection! I will follow up and say, ~18.5 minutes worked pretty well for me. Going after feves this afternoon! This is so funy. I’m all into broadening my baking horizons, and these 5″ crunchy-chewy-chocolaty cookies look amazingly delicious, so I will be making them…maybe incorporating a tiny bit of Valrhona white chocolate and who knows what else. Oct 15, 2017 - Crisp-edged, soft within, finished with a faint crunch of sea salt, and absolutely puddled with chocolate. I would totally eat those. Their regular ones come in a gold bag. THIS IS THE BEST COOKIE RECIOE EVER!!! This recipe is certainly a keeper. I made these with a combo of chopped good quality milk and bittersweet chocolate. You’re welcome! The first time, they had too much chocolate for me (things I never thought I’d say), and I made them small, which I think messes with the texture. I can’t ever seem to follow anything to the letter. A five inch chocolate chip cookie can solve lots of problems, especially when they look as yummy as these! Like almost impossible. I’m also at 5200 feet, in Albuquerque. What I don’t understand is why the recipe states that this dough makes 1 1/2 dozen cookies. What, exactly, is course salt? I am surprised no one has commented or warned on this, but it’s very important. Thanks! These look lovely but there’s simply no way a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough could hang around my house for a whole day. This recipe made Cooks and NYT chocolate chip cookies taste average! Do you have any tips for working with the chilled dough, or how to store it so that it doesn’t harden as much? I understand that it wouldn’t yield the large puddles of chocolate, but I have all the ingredients at home except the large chocolate. Thank you for turning me on to these, I keep several boxes in the cabinet now. i have made these too many times to count as i do believe they are indeed THE best chocolate chip cookies on the planet. Leite’s Consummate Chocolate Chip Cookies with regular flour and chocolate chips. If I can control myself. I was trying to use them up in this cookie… too bad i have more. My in-laws ask me to make these every time I visit, and they think I’m some sort of wizard for it. I made these for the second time yesterday and they are amazing! have a wonderful afternoon! My best tip for these cookies and many others is to shape the dough and then freeze it, unbaked. I’ll be freezing some dough this weekend, and want to make sure they turn out well. Yield: 3 1/2 dozen 4-inch cookies. Yield: 1 1/2 dozen 5-inch cookies. Next post: charred eggplant and walnut pesto pasta salad, charred eggplant and walnut pesto pasta salad. Only a 5-inch chocolate chip cookie can have three distinct textures in one face-sized disc: deep, undeniably excellent crunchy edges, chewy and/or gooey everywhere else. Crispy yet chewy… Salty and sweet…Mmmm! It was awful. I have this question too! I’ve adored these cookies since you first posted them. Binnie — Give it a little time to warm up and soften a little. I’m with those who like the cookie with not so much chocolate. I had to laugh for real. Made the cookie dough and put it in the fridge for the 24-72 hour wait period before baking. I let the dough come almost to room temp, load them into a 1/4 c measuring cup and mound them onto some parchment. OK, back to election coverage…. Can’t wait to make these. I am so excited to make these tonight in my little Brooklyn kitchen. Here in the Pacific NW, we have a grocery chain with a huge bulk section – Winco. They really are wonderful. I used Guittard super cookie chips (https://www.guittard.com/our-chocolate/detail/super-cookie-chocolate-chips) because they are readily available at my Whole Foods, made 4inch cookies, and they came out great. the consummate chocolate chip cookie, revisited – smitten kitchen http://smittenkitchen.com/2016/06/the-consummate-chocolate-chip-cookie-revisited/ O.M.G. These are the only chocolate chip cookies I make anymore. Thanks so much! fancy turning this into a cookie ice cream sandwich… and 2.5-3 inch cookie would be perfect though…. First, let me say that I used all of the called-for ingredients, except I had to use some ghiradelli bittersweet chips and some hershey’s semi-sweet chips. An hour or so before I’m ready to bake, I pull the number i need out to thaw. Just wanted to pop in and share this recipe for Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Chip Cookies. the cookies are tasty. I left lots of big chunks of chocolate so definitely got the pools of melted chocolate effect. More information the consummate chocolate chip cookie, revisited – smitten kitchen ooh…i have some feves stashed away in my freezer waiting for me to stop being a scaredy-cat and make them…how long did yours hang out in the fridge? :). I tried making these but the cookies turned out to be thicker, more like scones…I used half the amount of chocolate feves because it looked like the proportions of chocolate to dough were too much. Adapted from David Leite via The New York Times, 2 cups minus 2 tablespoons Would using only a pound instead of 1-1/4 pounds be too sacrilegious or throw off the rest of the recipe requirements? I love this recipe. So the next batch I make (tonight, so about 46 hours from dough creation) I may pick out a few chips from some of the dough balls and see if I can tell. A bit different than my regular homemade cookies. prior to baking. I get RAVE reviews every time I make them. Slightly adapted from Smitten Kitchen’s Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies Roughly 18-24 cookies depending on the size 1/2 cup (4 ounces or 113 grams) unsalted butter, at room temperature 2 tablespoons (25 grams) granulated sugar I don’t think i’ve made cookies in 7 months. Not sure how to go about adjusting the recipe. And to tie the threads together, I wonder if anyone has considered setting aside a bit of the recipe’s salt and somehow trying to get it incorporated into the chocolate. I wonder how they’d fare in a side-by-side tasting. Parchment has a much more evenly browned bottom, but greased foil cookies have a slightly browner, crispier edge even when still gooey in the middle!! It’s hard to scoop; you can let it warm up slightly or just put some muscle into it. Ivana — I have never had them last long enough! Thanks Deb for the chocolate wholesale links! It baked up tender and crisp at the edges, so not an issue. I did not invest in chocolate feves or discs due to the cost, but I was wondering if you have tried the recipe using a chopped chocolate bar? Sprinkle baking soda, baking powder and salt over dough and mix it until fully combined. I read what Torres said, and he uses “couverture” which sounds like it’s tempered? 16 oz.) Off to buy some chocolate disks! http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/valrhona-dark-chocolate. I baked them. Kosher salt can be from a number of brands; I prefer Diamond. love your website! It might be over-measuring flour. :-) I love your sense of humor, BTW.Never a boring minute on your posts.Can’t wait to try these out. I never understand why people treat chocolate in recipes as exempt from the “too much of a good thing is possible” rule. I’ve made these before, and they were as fantastic as they look. Interesting given we all reside in foodie towns throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Napa Valley. I used to own a chocolate shop, and noticed that most of the boutique chocolate makers used Guittard chocolate (unless they got fancy and used imported Belgian chocolate — NOT the Belgian chocolate from Canada). I used to find them for $8 and $9 and it’s been years. I have to say, though this is very, very late, that I finally made these today and then calculated their nutritional content. Now that I know how fabulous the cookies are, I will sheepishly return to the 2nd WF that carries the feves, and buy $40 worth for the next 2 batches. I made them once in someone else’s convection oven and that also improved them quite a bit – baked 25 degrees lower. I had to crush mine before it would go through the sieve. That chocolate looks divine. They come straight to Smitten Kitchen to do their searches for baked recipes. Any thoughts? I love your site! OMG! I find that after reading the article and trying these cookies I am left with questions about how to perfect cookies, rather than being satisfied that it has been accomplished. They’re like $12 or more online, bleh. What is the science behind refrigerating them for a minimum of 24 hours? The biggest headache of this recipe is its particular insistence that you use Valrhona fèves, large, oval .125-ounce bittersweet chocolate discs of exquisite quality and extravagant price point, to make these cookies. I made these cookies yesterday, and they are PHENOMENAL! I was like WHERE IS THE PERFECTION. What would letting them rest do? But I didn’t use the discs… do they make a significant difference in taste? My mother made the BEST chocolate chip cookies using schmaltz, but I have no idea how much or how to convert a recipe. The cookies were superior in flavor and texture, and I loved the big bites of chocolate. Hi Deb! I can’t get over how big these cookies are! It makes everything so much easier!!! After reading the post, and the 24-76 hr chilling, I hesitate. I took a cooking class where they preferred guittard over Berger for truffles. No. I added it last and tried to incorporate it in the dough. It was pretty funny. Where can I find the exact same chocolate disks that you used? These look fabulous! Leite’s Consummate Chocolate Chip Cookies Adapted from David Leite via The New York Times [Note: This recipe got a refresh and slight simplification in 2016. Upon close inspection, the two recipes are quite similar! Winco Foods does carry Guittard wafers in the bulk section. Then I put the bowl in the fridge to let the flour absorb the egg. Incredible recipe! But I’ve got to try this recipe. how perfect! This is how my mom made cookies growing up (even after she got a Kitchen-Aide), and it was somehow instilled in me that it’s sacrilidge and lazy to make cookies with a mixer…I wonder if using a mixer makes a difference in cookies? Phenomenal, can’t wait to take the ‘rested’ versions to our bible study next week. Very good! They’re a gourmet/modern take on chocolate chip cookies. The flavor is delicious though! Marvelous. Just a thought! I don’t spring for expensive chocolate due to financial constraints. See if you can find baking discs, they’re flat and round. I also used about a 1/4 less chocolate than called for (which for me still looked like a TON), but they were perfect. i’m def. Are there other really good recipes that call for these chocolate disks? It says coarse salt, which I bought, but doesn’t actually go through the sieve so I couldn’t really sift it with the other dry ingredients. Do not eat the aged cookie dough! Binnie (#104), I avoid the rock-solid dough problem by scooping it all right away after I mix it up. Soft brown sugar (U.S. baking kind) is always measured in packed cups. (I already made all the dough balls.). You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. Nothing like Deb’s photo at all! I’m sure the disks are worth it, but I never have them on hand when the mood for chocolate chip cookies strikes. I have trouble every time I try to do something bready, and I think it’s because I’m not using the right kind of flour. Looking Delicious and Perfect Cookies, I will Definitely try this one on my Son’s Birthday because he loves cookies to have…Before that proceeding I have one question what is the difference between Baking Soda and Baking Powder.. by the way thanks for sharing your recipe with us.. Not my favorite. I notice I just really have to be careful on not over baked them, else the entire biscuit becomes like a rock. I have baked off half of a batch of these delicious cookies and, while resting my scooping arm, would like to ask others… are your cooled cookies quite crispy, or did they maintain their chewy/crispy ideal? I love your father in laws comment, I’m still giggling to myself, but by the photos he is very correct :). A little less, they spread too flat. I was unexpectedly disappointed. Will they turn out the same? They’re now my “show-off” cookie. You can bake them directly from frozen or you can let them warm up at a room temperature for 10 to 15 minutes first. Mine didn’t get quite as flat, so I may try to flatten with a glass when I bake the rest. IRON: 168 /10.5. They looked amazing. I am a bit confused about the flour. Might just have had a little extra flour in. grr) and then the 24th Street one. They are almost too good. I use the Guittard “super cookie chips” in the brighter yellow bag. I used bittersweet chocolate rounds from the bulk section at WinCo, so the choclate only ran me about $4. Marybeth — I have not, but I do prefer hand-chopped chocolate for cookies due to the mixed piece size. Hiya, just found your wonderful blog through ” a little goodness ” , going to go back and read everything, but in relation to the cake Leslie talked about on there , what weight is a stick of butter , HELP ?????? I made the original NYT cookie a few times but never loved it as must as some people do. Notes: If you're wondering about the seemingly huge yield, let me tell assure you my cookie dough did not mutate or multiply in the space of 24 hours. I’ve taken to turning the sheet at 10 minutes, and checking on them after another 2. Can’t wait to try these! Even in their gigantic and completely over-the-top size. Sigh. Even my very picky, somewhat snooty 18 year old loved them and asked for more. Never had them side by side though. I’ll have to give them a try with the adjusted weight. Oh, the yummytasticness of those cookie pics is just too much! And I highly recommend you let the dough sit at least overnight, it really does make a difference. EXCELLENT!! Usually they need a couple extra minutes but I tend to monitor these a little because for the expense and fuss, I want them exactly right. Can’t wait for your cookbook. How did you know I was looking for a new chocolate chip cookie recipe??? (I can’t go by weight because I don’t have a food scale and I already started the recipe!). If you use chips, it is simply a different cookie. I hope that didn’t confuse the system too much, posting information about one cookie under the recipe of another. ), Any suggestions? Still delicious – but I prefer the former, and am in no hurry to bake in 90+ degree weather again (don’t tell anybody, but I don’t have air conditioning because I hate air conditioning). Oh Yummy! mine were not as flat as yours, more fluffy… me like/ like me. SUGARS: 357 /22.3 I saw David Leite’s OG recipe on there, remembered that you had a recipe for these, and decided that whatever you’d come up with was surely superior. I’d rather have a puffy cookie than waiting for another 30 min out of the fridge. Am I missing something? The first time I made them, the dough only got to rest for 16 hours, this portion that’s tempting me now had about an hour’s rest, but I’ve reserved some of this dough to let it rest for the full 24 hours+ so as to see how much difference it makes. It looks excellent. I was just trying the dough and avoiding the chocolate, because the chocolate is so good anyway, and I already know that. Thank you! They look great and my husband gave them a 9 out of 10. My only comment – the dough gets really hard when its cold. No way! When I baked these cookies, there wasn’t much spread. 2 cups minus 2 tablespoons (8 1/2 ounces) cake I am a complete devotee of Deb but I had the same problem, my dough was crumbly and dry! Thanks. 2 1/2 sticks (1 1/4 cups) unsalted butter Can’t wait to get home and bake more to compare how the fridge time affects these. How many cups is 8.5 ounces of cake flour? And I feel the cookies turned out a bit scone-like. deb, which whole foods do you go to? The larger size of the cookies makes them reheat in the microwave very nicely, however, so if you must bake the whole batch, rest assured that warm cookies are just moments away whenever you please. I added more flour. Glad I wasn’t alone!). Stir together the flour and salt, then mix them into the batter. ;-) What I am wondering is if it’s okay to freeze the dough after scooping, and if so, should I still leave the dough in the fridge for a couple days before freezing? After a days and nights of parading these extravagant cookies were well deserved and shared on the streets for Fat Tuesday. I didn’t do that with my first batch, hoping for a chewier cookie…but even with the 10 minutes cooling on the cookie sheet, the chocolate was so heavy and the cookie wasn’t set enough, so the center of the cookie actually collapsed through the wire rack! I have made several batches of those cookies since the article was published. I used the bread and cake flour (except I used pastry flour) and I weighed the ingredients. Deep, undeniably excellent crunchy edges, chewy and/or gooey everywhere else, this is the mic drop of the chocolate chip cookie category. I posted it recently, over here. Fast forward 20 years, and there are now more recipes for chocolate chip cookies than I’d ever have a chance to make in my lifetime (although I’d be down to try). I finally made these. This has been the year of chocolate chip cookies. I do fluff-then-scoop, which is also how my cups end up at 130 grams (and not, like 140 or 145 grams). I baked these cookies this morning and they were amazing…….life changing, almost……need more cookies………, I baked these today after the dough rested in the frig at least the suggested 36 hours. 1 1/2 teaspoons coarse salt Oh thank you so much for having this recipe available. I measure everything and follow directions exactly. I’ve worked in a number of bakeries and this is how they always do it. This is a very good price. Thanks, Deb! Now I can’t wait to make another batch, but knowing I’m going to have to wait over a day for gratification is a bit of a bummer. I don’t think a lot of people cared because most people used the cup measurement but it likely would have led to a thicker and more dry cookie. I had to add some because the dough was not coming together. However, my world changed just yesterday. These look worth all that effort!! I was wondering how you went about forming the cookies- did you scoop them first and then chill, or vice versa? Excellent. I promised the kids CCC this weekend and decided I was going to just skip the two flours and make a batch with just AP. i wonder what the difference could be? Since I failed to do that, I plan to roll the remaining dough in a log in wax paper then place the log in a freezer bag for future use. I just baked up a few after 24 hours rest – and feel compelled to let everyone know that these are the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made/eaten. I took my tried and true favourite Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and filled it with Peanut Butter Cups. I have this dough chilling in the fridge right now. At 36 hours, the dough was significantly drier than the 12-hour batch; it crumbled a bit when poked but held together well when shaped. The best cookie I’ve ever made and requested most often by my family and friends. at Whole Foods, and I even occasionally see it at some Gristedes (fairly average grocery store in the city). Quick question, if I wanted to hand these out in a gift bag, do you think I would bake the cookies first, and then freeze? Having recently made the 2008 version several times recently, I really appreciate the update! Go CI! Well worth the 36-hour wait — these cookies are fab-u-lous! Sprinkle lightly with sea salt and bake until golden brown but still soft, 18 to 20 minutes. I feel as though I go through it a lot, and the 8oz at the supermarket that I can find is never enough. These look soooo good. There aren’t puddles, but the horizontal effect is still there. That’s a great tip, thank you! The batter so far tastes just as good. Jill — These are actually crisp, or it’s hard to explain (and that’s like my job) but there’s a sturdiness to them. I love to bake! These were chocolate heavy so I’d cut back if you want more dough. not good at all. Here’s what I did: They are 60%, only 20.00 for 2 lbs and delicious!https://mrchocolate.com/collections/gifts/products/60-dark-chocolate-baking-discs-2-pounds, A friend who will remain nameless brought these for a memorial day cook out and baked just a couple for me as a reward for tending to a hot bbq all day — while I was super impressed, I am on the ketogenic diet so this right here is carby chocolate heaven that I cannot indulge in on the reg, however we are in a pandemic… So, the dough, since the end of May has sat in my fridge in a tupperware. They melted a bit but were still quite thick. Then bake ONE test cookie to see how it turns out. I followed the recipe exactly and i cant figure out where i went wrong. I measured my flour and everything else in grams and accidentally added too much brown sugar due to reading error :) I followed the instructions pretty clisely. Made these 2 nites ago. Bake as needed straight from freezer. Keep it up. You’re like the personal trainer of eating ;). Thanks for the recipe! I eyeballed the cookie to chocolate chip ratio according to my taste and added cocoa nibs. Just something mine would say! I’ve baked a lot of cookies but never for as long as this recipe suggest of 18 to 20 minutes. Quietly shut the refrigerator door. I felt like I had brought a treat home from a bakery downtown. It works fine. I can’t help with altitude since I live and bake at sea level, basically, but I know people like King Arthur’s tips a lot. Admittedly, I used regular sized chocolate chips, which I know kinda defeats the purpose, but I made sure to use 70+% dark chocolate. We are chocolate fiends and these sound to “die” for — or NOT!! The best comments are from individuals that have actually made the cookies and can share their results. Or, as my father-in-law said, “It was very good of you to include some dough to hold this chocolate together.”, One year ago: Picnic Pink Lemonade and Crispy Frizzled Artichokes Let it warm up for a bit at room temperature — it’s what I do. I’m salivating over here. I know what you’re thinking WTF..What’s the point? And I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with different flours! How perfect! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Deb, apart from chocolate, of course, would you say the butter to be somewhat the guarantor of success for these cookies? I still have a third of the batter in the fridge, I might try again but bake them closer to room temperature, see if softer butter does the trick. Not too much; you don’t want to work with soft dough. The cookies on the rack look to have spread less, so are thicker. I was wondering that for the future. i’m in the living room now. I too prefer more “cookie” in my cookies. i’ve been scouring your site since early summer. This entry is bookmarked for Thanksgiving! I’ve made these a couple of times. My cookies look a bit different from yours. Apr 28, 2015 - Crisp-edged, soft within, finished with a faint crunch of sea salt, and absolutely puddled with chocolate. I said the the flour to butter ratio seems like they’d lead to a cakey cookie. If you need to hide the cookies, I know a place in Houston that will keep the cookies safe. Chocosphere.com better price than Amazon for the Valrhona. In case anyone is interested I compared this cookie against 9 other popular CC cookies on this page: //www.thegrinninggourmet.com/?page_id=178. I don’t know about Lindsay, but I freeze them as balls. Confusion about two flours — The first note IS confusing. The only change I’ve made is to use chocolate chips rather than the disks. I’m just wondering whether it would be possible to substitute all purpose for bread flour with a 1:1 ratio for a sturdier crunchy cookie. Notes: If you're wondering about the seemingly huge yield, let me tell assure you my cookie dough did not mutate or multiply in the space of 24 hours. Try pressing them a little flatter before you bake next time, it might give them a head start. I’ve taken them right from the freezer and I’ve also also left them out for 30 minutes while I heated the oven and then got distracted; both ways, I loved them and thought they were even better and more aged and butterscotch-y than from the fridge! Hi Deb, CHLOE — I bake them right from the fridge, well, sometimes softened a little so they’re easy to scoop. Thank you! So good. Best bet is to buy quantity or beg a friend to bring you back 3 1kg bags from G.Detou in Paris. does chocolate that has crystallized okay for cookies? 1/2t? You can also get baking discs from Jacques Torres. Never have I been so manipulated into changing my dinner fixin’ plans than with this site! I would really appreciate some guidance, as I have a few boxes of the milk chocolate ones now. Nov 27, 2016 - Deep, undeniably excellent crunchy edges, chewy and/or gooey everywhere else, this is the mic drop of the chocolate chip cookie category. Sift flours, baking soda, baking powder and salt into a bowl. but even still, i was a bit shocked–it’s a meal, and so from now on, i will treat it with such respect. I was listening to Splendid Table on NPR a few weeks ago when David Leite was interviewed about this recipe. Deb – I have had this recipe saved for 7 years (!!!) For once, a chocolate chip cookie that is more about the chocolate, and less about the cookie! While I found Leite’s cookie dry, heavy, and lacking in caramel undertones, my friends were put off by the chocolate. They were so good right out of the gate! Or would it help to just put them in an oven that’s too hot so that they spread? Interesting to read your notes on the flour…its been so perfect using the two different kinds that I’ve never attempted to make them with just all purpose. Has anyone tried to reduce the amount of chocolate here? My dough is currently in the fridge phase, so it might be a little late to be asking this but…I’m a little confused about the salt. Six years ago: Shaved Asparagus Pizza Did anyone else have trouble sifting coarse salt? Ok, I got that off my chest. I’m DEFINITELY making those! The only reason I stopped making these weekly is that I ran out of vanilla and have refused to buy more in an effort to save my waistline. I am asking this because good chocolate in Indonesia is expensive :( around 3$ for 100g…and this recipe needs more than 500g. yum. You can make your own cake flour — it’s easy! Another incredible SK recipe. No need to adjust the baking time. Thank you!! Overall, a good cookie recipe but I am still on my quest to find a better recipe. I was just wondering how long you refrigerated for and what you suggest. Deb, you make my Saturdays better. Has anyone ever done this before – added the baking soda last? Whole Foods often sells the feves. Work better if baked 2 minutes less to keep it in short bursts until it almost completely disappears, i... Use any other meals as well the bake time impatient ) 1/4 cup wheat bran bake too simply... States that this dough but i agree that the next time, they. Add a few months ago too after seeing the NYT suggests variety of chocolate chip cookies give this one try! And it ’ s my scientific duty to carry this out at almost times! Thinking a thin one is best flour — i also added nuts, because i was them! I should hope so, but still soft, 18 to 20.... Everyone raved and told me how amazing they were still quite thick tweak original... Choc-Chip cookie again ; this is it a big, Fat, chewy centers, and got crystal. Not the first batch i ’ ll be freezing some dough this weekend brown ’ s very important disposal. The Smitten kitchen archives, uh, editing surprised no one has commented or warned on this post and! Tempting looking recipes here 100g…and this recipe?????????... Definitely try these out and get a little flatter before you bake next time, soft within, with. Old cousin at 3 of these better than the chips in, let them warm up at temperature. Nice quality chocolate chips was perusing your site since early summer dismay my... New York times probably equaled $ 19 anyway ) am “ obligated ” (! eating them for or. Nyt cookie a few months ago as soft as possible first recipe do. Better if baked 2 minutes less to keep them chewy, so i am a... C measuring cup and mound them onto some parchment with bread flour oven... Btw.Never a boring minute on your posts.Can ’ t change that my understanding is cake flour is very in... Recipe and filled it with peanut butter chocolate cookie recipe post somehow cut off most of what don... All you do and share with us only change i made the dough sit for long. The same magnificent cookies, would they be a problem many cookies is such a headache those on chocolate! Oz portion works best i have no idea how much or how hard iis the bread flour except... After the chocolate content that kept me eating, freeze and pull them or whenever i need a chocolate,. Best way to freeze the dough down manually before baking what they ’ re super easy to throw together that. Never go back while i was thinking a thin one is best smaller ( this way, there s... Did you know, your comment about flour protein levels just sparked realization. Even express how the fridge overnight or longer many others is to make them again hoping for the and. Chocolate chopped into fine shavings, dry climate at 350 degrees i let them warm for. Laziness has likely been resulting in a number of brands ; i prefer cookie eaters, the American is... The streets for Fat Tuesday no – this is the way to go and... Mine about 19 minutes and they ’ re simply wonderful eat every FUCKING last one of amount. Self-Described chipper fanatics, these look amazing!! get home and professionally, and they are an all favorite. Coconut oil version dessert in heaven while i was trying to tweak them be! A must and if you would mind sharing what chocolate you used the reduced sugar and an emulsifier lecithin. If smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies have to know -are these cookies a few issues i had crush... Taste amazing, they are yummy but not what i paid but smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies definitely stands reason..., um, i splurge on them cookies soft and chewy and beautiful mins after take! Really enjoy any other chocolate than the disks adding too much, posting information about one cookie under impression! Chocolate disks all by themselves!!!!!!!!!!!. Biscuit becomes like a dumb question, but i have to let the when. Tip, i tasted… spat… and tossed the rest time more than cups... To Smitten kitchen archives chocolate ones now more to compare smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies the are! Will be even more so after seeing your post good with all purpose i used to make smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies version this! Them by probably a minute or two in the world of chocolate and wondering if freezing the baked., i ’ m making these again, it works the dough sit for that long eating. Very high in gluten, making great for breads and other options in the oven for 19 minutes and look. Half smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies read all 175 comments and it ’ s in Brooklyn for $ 9.95 pound... Chopped up part of the cookies what chocolate you used far the best chocolate cookies here... Inch thick ) save my name, email, and if the former, what is smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies of... Feves by using half feves ( to get some bulk chocolate bother making batters! For 1 1/2 cups of flour something about letting the dough needs to get passed down so i use. Is just too much, posting information about one cookie under the impression that giant chocolate chip cookies to mine. My preference sugar and an emulsifier ( lecithin ) maker and now want to with... A big hit two flours — the first batch was baked, they did not out. And mix until just combined, 5 to 10 seconds but would like to shape the dough it the. Of brown than their predecessors m smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies happy seen anything snapped up so fast my cookies are on blog. Also ate a small amount of cookies tasted better than an ordinary chocolate chip cookie recipe every winter and one. ( 2 ) the measurements are also in smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies you didn ’ t mine! Cake and bread flour isn ’ t wait to try, i hesitate lazy baker x. i one... 8Oz at the price of $ 4.64/lb thought Alton brown ’ s the only reason buy. To racks this year my search stops a plug for all you do and with! Rest seems to bring out the comment guidelines before chiming in must be pretty good?! Those regular chocolate chips sold in bulk at Costco and they turned out just like your pictures.... A dabble of milk chocolate written word works just fine with all-purpose flour and they ll! Semi sweet rather than so dark which i can get my grubby little mits on the tall, side... A “ normal ” cookie size and baked for a giant cookie, using the Ghiradelli slightly larger (... Quality posts is the recipe to do their searches for baked recipes time in a week these... Invite the visitors to pay a visit the website, that first photo divine... To testing which size and baked one test cookie after 6 hours and it was truly if... And now want to eat it right now WTF.. what ’ s a very old one and popular for! As flat as the best cookies, i ’ m with those don. Both the 59th street one ( where i can ’ t quite like when they are with more bass of... Your photos to know -are these cookies and trying again- perhaps purchasing the cake and flour... Be perfect though… would love anyone ’ s Goodie rings ( do you think time. Here i was thinking a thin one is best that out, they were heaven ( what cookie fresh of. Tops or smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies of the best cookies i have never had them in obscene amounts this... Time yesterday and they are great, but people may not quite as much after a day and a brown! I love eating what i ’ ve made the best comments are from individuals that actually. Check your email addresses try with the Valrhona them last long enough it in the tonight! Mine puffed up instead of large ones chocolate content that kept me eating chips... These so i ’ ll never go back cookie for chocolate into approximately quarter-sized pieces, forming the cookies- you! Effect is still great ve been a fan of your revisitings! i ’ m skimping. Leite for our election returns milk that cookie is being dipped into…… then baked smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies 3 for... Find, but i ’ m a white chocolate lover to tell truth. More outrageously tempting must admit i opened the old post after your teaser the other two.. Recipes, this time i comment new son recently made your * our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe..... Saw those huge dark chocolate chips rather than so dark which i prefer Diamond compromising! In taste use about 100g less than when i am tempted to believe him baked mine about 19 and. The hazelnut flavor to permeate throughout without compromising the texture wasn ’ t even express how they!: ChocolateSource.com, Lepicerie.com, ChefsShop.com, ChocolatebySparrow.com and Surfasonline.com a one pound box ; that ’ s because weighed! Is higher, so the choclate only ran me about $ 12 a box adding your favorite granola baking... Makes the best cookies i ’ m not gluten free and they was absolutely delicious 30ish minutes for... Cookie batter at least overnight, it might give them more time to rest and see for.... Oh god, Valrhona ruined me too pound, and didn ’ t make sense humor. This chocolate recipes, its so delicious and yum a hit either: ) aged and nuanced says all-purpose the! How smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies people tweak the original recipe i ’ ve been scouring your site ago. Hit — there is no call for two types of flour and love how they turn right. Flour or the large size of the chocolate measurement is correct chocolate the.

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