But, if you’re someone who finds yourself reaching for different sources of caffeine all throughout the day, it’s a good idea to cut back. Linkedin. After all, caffeine is supposed to give you more energy, right? This means more than just following a company dress code. How to Make it Through A Long Shift When You're Fasting. I don't know your financial situation, but I needed a job to go to college. 11 Answers. It doesn’t have to take long. For others, they’re working for a paycheck. You could each prepare different parts of the meal and bring it in to share! Try to find a quiet space and focus on some deep-breathing exercises or meditation. If you’re not sure of your actual shoe size, go to a shoe store and get a proper measurement. Drinking plenty in non-fasting hours will make you more alert and provide you with higher levels of energy for the day ahead – something you can never have enough of when you work in healthcare. Visit Yahoo Home. 40-hour work weeks used to be normal for a full-time job. Either way, letting things go and not letting them bottle up inside will make it easier to get through each day at work. No matter how many hours you’re logging per week, you’ll feel better about a long shift if you know you’re getting things done. This means covering both the good and the bad things. Taking even a few days off over Ramadan gives you time to focus on what the holiday is about and not overdo things. Don’t use this time to do anything work-related. I'm Lou, and welcome to Phlebotomy Examiner! Regardless of your profession, most people want to get a promotion. Or, maybe it’s not as easy to come up with cognitive answers to simple questions. So, make it as relaxing and stress-free as possible. You can start slowly and ween your way down to a cup or two a day. It may not be easy, but it can be done! Either way, pack a meal that becomes something you can look forward to. Now more than a third of Americans eat fast food daily. Plan your tomorrow shift today. I'm worried because my feet usually start throbbing about 4-5 hours into my shift and my energy depletes very quickly. Or, add a few pieces of fruit or a squeeze of lemon. Even business attire should be somewhat comfortable. Answer Save. It indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options. Pack a “survival” lunch bag with a protein source (skim milk, turkey, low-fat deli meats, hard-boiled eggs, low-fat yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese), a fruit and/or vegetable, and whole-grain food items (high-fiber cereal, oatmeal, whole grain crackers, whole grain bread or cereal) to avoid the fast-food drive-thru. One thing to avoid is doing work on your days off! Speaking as someone that has had at least one job since I was 13 (starting with paper route), I can understand how difficult it can be to balance work and school. Why not see if you can eat together to make it more of a special occasion? We tend to procrastinate on tasks we don’t want to do. Breaks should be used to reduce the mental and emotional stress that can come from working a lot. 46,003 Shift Supervisor Fast Food Restaurant jobs available on Indeed.com. It can be easy to think about something you’ll have to do when you get back or something you should finish up while you’ve got the time. Apply to Shift Manager, Shift Leader, Area Supervisor and more! But, it can be tough to spend such long shifts at work unless you’re physically and emotionally prepared. If you have a desk job or any career where you’re sitting down most of the day, it’s essential to get up every once in a while and stretch. Think about the big picture and what you want out of your career. For other people, long shifts are a part of the career. So, where you can, rest and sleep as much as possible as this should hopefully help with your cravings. This might seem counterproductive. Unfortunately, that’s how some people get through their days, and it could be doing more harm than good. Statement. That can make a difference in your attitude and help you to get through your shift feeling a sense of accomplishment. For a lot of people, that means sleeping in until the last possible second the next day. If you need to find a quiet place to do your work or get something done, do it! If you’re going to be working 12+ hours, you want to be comfortable. Because there is such a significant demand for…, We spend a lot of time at work. If your job isn’t the right fit for you, our first suggestion is that you might want to start looking for a different career. There’s a good chance you won’t be in this situation forever. You might get a quick burst of energy from something sugary. It’s better to take that first thing on your list that you don’t want to do and push through it. When you work a lot, you may not feel like you have enough time to spend with your family or friends. This guide will offer 20 tips you can use to get through long shifts at work. Busy work isn’t necessarily a mindless action that takes up hours of your day. Shift’s healthier fast food adventure. You can also opt for fat-free yogurt or a banana if you’re looking for something naturally-sweet. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! X Research source Having a job that requires physical activity not only makes the time pass quickly, but it keeps your body active. It can also make you more productive when it comes to getting your work done. When you have a full-time job, you're usually there for at least eight hours. If you work in a hospital, comfortable sneakers that can withstand a lot of walking are your best bet. For some people, setting a bedtime routine and following it is the best way to ensure they get enough sleep each night. You can’t raise horses in the middle of a war. If you don’t get enough rest, it’s hard to catch up, and it can leave you feeling sluggish and unmotivated for days. If it’s already been a long day, tell yourself you only have a few more hours before you can go out and have that juicy cheeseburger. They should be portable, easy to eat, and healthy. With that in mind, try to do things that keep you calm and relaxed. Very Good Chance Of Getting A Promotion Whether you work in a busy hospital, an office, or a factory, there are always going to be things that distract you from the task at hand. If you feel rushed and flustered, that attitude can stay with you for the rest of your day. At the end of the day, the best way to get through it is to keep yourself busy at all times.” “Large vanilla latte, extra shot of espresso, plus a double choc muffin!” “Working in hot busy environments should be treated in the same way as running a marathon. Exercise regularly. Yesterday I worked from 10am-9pm. Relief sweeps through Western capitals after Biden win. Whether you want a better position or a different job, something will come up eventually. 12 Problems All People Who Have Worked in Fast Food ... who weren’t expecting to deal with such a long wait for their food. Second, you can think about where these long working hours will end up getting you. By bringing your own snacks with you, you can determine which foods make you feel good and give you energy. Or, you’ll … Try to give yourself at least five minutes every couple hours to get up and give yourself a good stretch. It became clear … You don’t have to complain about what you’re doing constantly, but it’s a good idea to let out any frustrations you might be holding onto. No matter how much water you allow during the fast, it's important to prepare your body for a long stretch of nutritional deficiency by "super-hydrating" beforehand. A 12-hour workday can seem like it lasts forever if you don't break it into manageable segments and reward yourself when you complete each one. Use that to your advantage and get the motivation and support you need. © Your World Recruitment Group 2020 Privacy Notice | Terms and Conditions, How to Make it Through A Long Shift When You're Fasting, Deep-fried foods – such as pakoras, samosas and fried dumplings, High-sugar and high-fat foods – including sweets such as gulab jamun, rasgulla and balushahi, High-fat cooked foods – such as parathas, oily curries and greasy pastries, Homemade pastry using just a single layer, Milk-based sweets and puddings, such as rasmalai and barfee. If you’re in the middle of a long shift and you need a break, it’s so easy to walk over to the nearest vending machine. People are what makes the difference. If you’re dealing with a stomach ache on the job, you’re not going to be as productive as you should be. Don't be a bitch and complain about working a 9 hour shift. PPP People, place, products. No matter what type of job you have, taking care of your feet is essential. Pack a lunch and snacks the night before, too. Often, we can dread a work day because there’s something on our to-do list that is looming over us. Even talking about your problems for a few minutes a day can make a difference in how you feel. When you know you’re going to be eating less frequently than usual, there’s temptation to have lots of treats at the times you can eat. At times like these, it helps to organize your thoughts. But, staying connected in any way can make you feel better about your relationships and make the fact that you don’t see them a lot a bit easier. If you let them take over your workday, you’ll go home feeling like you didn’t get anything accomplished. Otherwise, it can be too tempting to binge watch your favorite show or spend hours online, until you’ve wasted half your night! Bigger orders. I grew up poor. On average, part-time employees at my job typically work 5-6 hour shifts, while the full-time employees work 7-9 hour shifts. Not only will you feel better through the day, but it’s likely you’ll be able to perform better at your job. Staying hydrated will help you to have more energy. ... How to survive a long shift at work? Relevance. Plus, working this way helps to break up the monotony of a long shift. It’s also important that you don’t stray too far from your usual diet – you can still gain weight while fasting, you know! Fast food restaurants have been around for nearly a hundred years, but it’s only in the past 50 years or so that their popularity has grown exponentially. That way, you have more hours available when you’re looking forward to it! When you’re on your feet all day working long shifts, the natural urge for many people is to snack and pick all day to keep you going. Prepare to give report. It might seem silly at first, to look forward to the food. We’ve already talked about the importance of healthy snacks. But, making a few simple changes can make a big difference! 5 ways to get through a long shift at work. Or, you’ll ‘pay your dues’ with these long shifts to get promoted. Working long hours means you’re ‘paying your dues.’ You may not be in that position forever, but it’s likely not going to change overnight. But, getting through your day can be a lot easier if you have a small reward waiting for you to break it up. From rewarding entry-level careers with minimal training to lucrative jobs that can help to discover diseases and find new…, I'm Lou, and welcome to Phlebotomy Examiner! Chevron icon. If exercise is usually a part of your free time, walking, gentle jogs and light aerobic exercise are ideal. It’s always a good idea to make your management aware that you’re taking part in Ramadan and will be fasting over the course of the month. Maybe it’s an email you’ve been putting off sending. But, it won’t take long to crash. If you take a few minutes to do something that clears your head, you can get back to your job feeling refreshed. But, it can also be beneficial to make your mornings as streamlined and relaxed as possible. Why? One of the best ways to make a long shift more enjoyable is to get along with the people you work with. I've worked (scheduled) shifts as short as 2 hours or as long as 14. Long days on the job can feel even longer if you feel like you don’t have anything to do. If you can choose a time to have your meal, you should try to think about when you need a pick-me-up the most throughout the day. But, if you start to drag work into your free time, you’ll feel as though you never really get a break. After a long day at work, there is nothing that sounds better than getting a good night’s sleep. While you’re connecting with those friends and family, don’t be afraid to talk about your life. Another way to make sure you cross things off your list efficiently is to reduce your distractions. You can even ask a professional in the store about different options based on the job you have. So how can you have a successful and healthy Ramadan when you work under the pressures of the healthcare sector? Take 15-20 minutes each day to call or video chat with someone close to you. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the fast pace of your fast food job, take advantage of your break time to regroup, relax, and focus on your breathing. You might even find yourself hitting the snooze button on your alarm as often as you can. They may be able to make you laugh or give you advice. Ramadan Mubarak from Your World to all those celebrating – all the best with your fast! My father went to prison when I was 13 and my mother worked multiple jobs just to survive. Sleep is essential if you’re working long hours. Things like an apple with a bit of peanut butter or a handful of almonds are a great option. Take advantage of your personal time to rest as well. Whether it’s because you’re not getting credit for your work, or because your boss loves to play favorites, it can be difficult to take. Indulging in a sugary treat or something salty and greasy might give you a pick-me-up for a few minutes. Because you get around 20–30% of the fluid your body needs from food, it’s quite easy to get dehydrated while on a fast . Now imagine being told, sorry, but not only are you not allowed to snack, but you’re also not going to be having meals either. Also, try not to make it too early in the day. Lv 7. Find out if life as a social care worker would suit you. Make sure you use these days to do things you want to do, and things you need to do. In fact, it may even be more important to drink more water. Carbohydrates are an important food group at this time, as are small amounts of fat. When you’re on your feet all day working long shifts, the natural urge for many people is to snack and pick all day to keep you going. But, any type of stretching can be helpful. Working long hours can make any job feel draining. It's Almost Impossible To Make It Through This Fast Food Worker Simulation Without Getting Fired. Do something for yourself. Not only will you feel looser and limber, but it should give you a quick burst of energy. If you’re working long shifts, there’s a good chance you’ll get several breaks throughout the day. Before you use these tips, think about your job itself. Let's see if fast food is actually "unskilled labor." That can end up causing a lot of unnecessary stress. Eating properly was so important to my survival of shift work. In turn, you can get more done and feel good about everything you’ve accomplished in your shift. Organize yourself and the information in advance. By doing this, you’re rewarding yourself for a job well done and keep yourself motivated to continue to do good work. Your busy work might be different every day, but it’s a great way to get some things done that might otherwise be ignored. Won’t you be tired during the day? It can also lead to stomach problems. Even if you love what you do, long shifts can drive a wedge between you and any positive feelings you have about your job. 8. Try to find some common interests, take the time to chat when you have a break, and be supportive of one another. So, do what you can to enjoy the company of your co-workers. If you take something away from this article, then it’s that you should fast for as long as you can every day because, in reality, you’re not fasting as long as you think. It's a great feeling to be recognized for your work and get a pay raise at the same time.…, Phlebotomy is a fast-growing career in the healthcare industry. Too much caffeine can cause you to become jittery. If you’re all working the same long shifts, you’re in a unique situation that only your small group can understand. In my mind it would put you a cut above someone that was a worker at the same location and would be a good way to get into a higher customer service or supervisor level position. Try to get rid of as many of these distractions as possible. If you don’t want to change careers, then learning how to survive long shifts can make your job easier. For some people, they don’t have as much energy to conquer what they typically would in a day. 105,911 Fast Food Shift Supervisor jobs available on Indeed.com. It can take some time to find a comfort zone when working many hours a week. Things to avoid? Select what clothes you’re going to wear for work the night before. Where possible, make your pre-dawn meal wholesome and substantial to get you through the day – oats, toast and cereals are good choices, and so is fruit juice for added vitamins. It can end up adding a lot of productivity to your day. The National Safety Council recently put out a study on fatigue in the workplace that found that 43% of people don’t get … If long shifts are starting to get to you, there are two things you can do. Simple solutions to some of healthcare's most frustrating issues... Everything you need to know about being a HCA. That can lead to feeling overwhelmed and unhappy, which can make your job feel more stressful than it is. For some people, the long hours are just a part of the career path. 3 years ... 8 1/2 isn't a long shift. But, when you’re spending so much time with someone each day, it can make for a better experience for everyone if you enjoy each other’s company. But, once you’ve crossed some of the big things off your list, think about what needs to get done that doesn’t take a lot of effort or focus. of coffee. I didn't say anything, because I was 17 and Greg was old and huge and probably a convicted felon. Restock your station. If all you can focus on is the pain in your feet, you’re not going to do your job to the best of your ability. We don’t mean you have to give up your daily cup (or two!) 15th May, 2018. From Fast-Food To Fast-Casual: A Shift In Customer Preference-Part One Published on June 27, 2017 June 27, 2017 • 2 Likes • 0 Comments Do you have colleagues who are also celebrating Ramadan? There are many places that a phlebotomist can find full-time or part-time work. Jazz it up with refreshing cucumber slices for added refreshment. It likely won’t drag on, and you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and productivity. So, if you’re having trouble getting through a long shift, use the tips listed here to make your workdays a little easier. Perhaps it’s a project that needs to get started or finished up. It’s important you don’t overdo it and make yourself ill. Of course, this can be challenging at work – just make sure that you’re taking your breaks and resting whenever possible. Foods that are high in fibre will also make you feel fuller, so these are a great option to include in your diet. If you have a long shift ahead of you, one of the worst things you can do is rush around in the morning to get to work on time. The problem with that is the longer you leave the task alone, the more pressing it will become. They usually lead to a higher salary and even more significant benefits. Waking up earlier might sound like a nightmare! Now imagine being told, sorry, but not only are you not allowed to snack, but you’re also not going to be having meals either. xfilesfan. These fast food places were by far ... the days can prove to be beyond long. We hope this tips in this guide will help to make your next long shift just a little easier. The 40-hour work week is becoming less common for many different industries. Catching up on a TV show on your phone or tablet, listening to music that might get you ‘fired up,’ or instantly getting on social media. You’ll feel just as energized without the negative after-effects. How to Confront Your Boss About Unfairness at Work, 25 Crucial Questions to Ask When Offered a Promotion at Work, A Comprehensive Guide to the Different Careers in Blood Work. Why not take that concept and use it throughout your day? Bring on the pizza, parathas, fried samosas, ice cream, pastries…let us stop you there before you get too carried away! How to Make a 12 Hour Job Go Fast. But, long hours aren’t always a bad thing. ... We mapped the fast food environment in Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Birmingham by accessing planning data, walking the streets, gathering menus and measuring the nutritional profile of meals. Whether you walk around all day or sit behind a desk, the right shoes are important. If it’s just for 15 minutes, it’s better than nothing! When you work long shifts, whole days of freedom can make a big difference in how you feel when you go back to work. It doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of time. Ties that are too tight or dresses that don’t fit properly can become a personal distraction and can end up being all you think about instead of getting your work done. When your workday is filled with more things you want to do, it can help to make time feel like it’s going by a little faster. Even though we’ve suggested waking up earlier and taking time for yourself before bed, that doesn’t mean you should give up on precious sleep. Try not to eat too many oily, fried or sugary foods; instead, eat healthier sources of carbs such as wholegrains, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and lower fat dairy products. You can still take part in activities, but gentle ones are best as they don’t put as much strain on your body. If I saw fast food shift leader on a resume, I would know that you were responsible, trustworthy, and had a higher level of customer service than was "average". This is also a good time to analyze what went well and what went wrong during the shift. Your tone and attitude when you wake up will set the mood for your day. It’s okay to treat yourself every once in awhile. One of the best things you can do to feel recharged and ready to go is to keep your weekends to yourself. Not only does eating healthy help provide the energy you need to get through a long shift, certain foods actually help improve your mood and fight symptoms of depression. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help you get through long hours on the job. Take some before your shift and then after. It also helps to work as a distraction. Pain killers. There's No Tips! More trending news? Newer, less experienced workers tend to have fewer and shorter shifts than the more experienced ones. When it does, you might find that you have trouble concentrating. Drink plenty of water regularly in the days leading up to your fast. Your co-workers can end up feeling like your…, Unfairness at work is frustrating. Take a short walk and listen to the sounds of nature or calming music. It makes sense when you think about it because we usually reach for snacks more when we’re tired or restless, not typically hungry. You’re looking for slow-releasing energy foods, not those that will give you short bursts. Don’t like the taste of plain water? Simply put, sitting for too long isn’t good. You can look up specific stretches if you’d like. Reading, watching an episode of your favorite TV show, or listening to music can all be helpful. I work in fast food and have a 8 and a half hour shift tomorrow. It’s probably no big surprise that stretching is a good idea. Distractions are nothing but time-wasters. Food talk aside, it’s also essential that you drink enough water. You can use your meal as motivation, too, or even give yourself a pep talk. You also should make sure to get rid of your own distractions, such as a cell phone.

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