Further,this participation was continuous and for a whole year - June 1940 to June … Firstly, the deficient plans of the both countries, Germany and Austria-Hungry, led to their defeat. During the United States campaigns in World War I the AEF fought in France alongside French and British allied forces in the last year of the war, against Imperial German forces. Ad Honoris . - the answers to estudyassistant.com Towards the war's end the American Expeditionary Force or AEF, as it came to be known, was occupying more of the Western Front than Britain and all her Commonwealth Nations combined, lending combat divisions to all the allies and leading offensive operations against the best defended sector still occupied by the Germans. As commander of the American Expeditionary Force, General John J. Pershing played a major role in the defeat of the Germans in 1918. The AEF is now occupying 83 miles of the Western Front compared to 70 for the British Army and is planning to mount yet another major offensive on November 14th. Its B, Germany had to fight on too many front which lead to its defeat. )by leading the AEF to victory in several key battles. Oct 2010 11,847. Leave the AEF out of that, and more to be deployed against the Germans where the breakthroughs occurred. American soldiers arriving in accelerating numbers compel the German High Command to attempt to win the war in early 1918 before the American presence can be decisive. (medwardh@hotmail.com). I’m not interested in biased answers. Answer Save. How did the US contribute to the defeat of Nazi Germany? )by insisting that the AEF operate as an independent force. The American expeditionary force contributed to the defeat of Germany by having Allied forces arrive in England in a mission of invading the European continent & undertaking operations to defeat … But i want to go into depth with the help of tanks. answer choices . Without the presence of the AEF to provide the decisive margin it would have been most unlikely. Which of Pershing's decisions would prove MOST important in guaranteeing the success of the AEF? During 1999 the Great War Society has sponsored an international seminar on the AEF and dedicated a large part of its internet resources to tell what we have concluded is a neglected part of the story of the First World War. 1 0. 15. Germany constantly had to help out the Austrians and xref A stab-in-the-back legend attributed the German and Austrian defeat in World War I to internal traitors working for foreign interests, primarily Jews and communists. In minimizing the value of the AEF on the battlefield they fail to analyze what its absence would have meant. How did the American Expeditionary Force contribute to the defeat of Germany? Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk . American naval vessels allow the convoy system to succeed, keeping Britain in the war and facilitating the transport of the full expeditionary force to France, while freeing British ships to turn their blockade of Germany into what Capt. Considering the AEF was made and independent command and given their own section of frontline, and both the British and French proceeded to break the Hindenburg line (while the AEF failed to do likewise), strongly suggests that was precisely what they did. The BEF was successful at the battle of the channel ports 12 October to 11 November. How did natural geography contribute to Germany's defeat in World War 2? It examines how four AEF divisions (the 1st, 2nd, 26th, and 77th) planned and conducted their battles, what they learned about modern combat in those battles, and Shlieffen plan was unsuccessful and now the German had to fight on two fronts in the west against Britain and France and in the east against Russia. The German Spring Offensive, while initially devastating in regards to the amount of ground taken by the Germans, lacked an overall objective and ran out of steam as advancing infantry outran both their artillery and supply lines (not to mention the amount of looting and drunkenness that occurred as the Germans overran Allied supply dumps). Germany's weaknesses/failures Genocide The impact of economic warfare on civilians. The intriguing new work by Niall Ferguson THE PITY OF WAR, an effort to explain the causes and dynamics of the war is the latest work to treat the AEF's contribution somewhat dismissively. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0. The continuing avalanche of fresh American troops devastate the morale of both Germany's frontline soldiers and their high command; their presence also encourages the governments of Great Britain and France to allow their armies to continue the offensive operations necessary to expel the opposition from occupied territory. What were the reasons for Germany´s defeat in World War 1? 0000002522 00000 n Change 7 3/4 to an … trailer Get your answers by asking now. Active 7 months ago. 0000004190 00000 n That enemy had access to the peripheries of Europe so Germany was unable to stop America from invading Europe like a bunch of Mongols. Nineteen months later the United States had a 2 million man force concentrated in France. 9 Answers. However on August 24 1940, an accidental bombing resulted in swift British retaliation leading to the Blitz. Still have questions? BEF contributed to the battle of the Marne which forced the Germans to retreat where trench warfare began. Trending Questions. The factors which led to the defeat of Germany were poor planning, British blockade and entrance of the United States army in the war. Prev ; Next . Relevance. visit the homepage of, Michael E. Hanlon I don’t mean to start a comment war. 1000 10 0000003306 00000 n ideas and methods over time, and why they fought the way they did. Britain made the major contribution to the defeat of Germany in WW2 for the following reasons: Britain declared war on Germany 3 September 1939, and thus remained actively at war against Germany far longer than any other nation, Russia not becoming an ally until June 1941 and USA not until December 1941. Without General Pershing's forces on the Western Front, Germany would have won the World War! I think General Pershing was the right man for the job of forming and organizing the 1st Army. Mitch relates the story of the A.E.F. Now, in Mitch Yokelson’s new book ’47 Days: How Pershing’s Warriors Came of Age to Defeat the German Army in World War 1’, we have just that. )by helping the AEF and Allied forces defeat Germany. Find answers now! John J. Pershing was certainly not an original thinking strategist nor tactician and he was apparently unfamiliar with the management principle of span of control. Answer Save. by Niall McCarthy, May 8, 2018 Global economy Victory in Europe Day which is generally known as VE Day, marks the day Nazi Germany … %%EOF How much did the Soviet Union contribute statistically speaking to the defeat of Nazi Germany in WW2? SAMPLE QUESTIONS (A) Explain how the entry of America into WWII led to Germany’s defeat in Europe. How did the American Expeditionary Force contribute to the defeat of Germany? 5 points robert7248 Asked 12.19.2019. No. 6 pages. How much did the Soviet Union contribute statistically speaking to the defeat of Nazi Germany in WW2? Sal Compagno To find other Doughboy Features visit our, For further information on the events of 1914-1918 It was spread from the east coast across the nation and the Pacific to the Philippines. How did the united states contribute to the defeat of nazi germany? Trending Questions. Both countries had their own plans which were the Schlieffen Plan and the Plan R respectively. The key to Allied victory was Morale. People claim that winter contributed significantly to the problems of German army on the Eastern front. 0000000496 00000 n Relevance. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 6 months ago. This dissertation does the same for the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF). 0000002295 00000 n Download png. But there were reasons for all this from a lack of experience by all the American soldiers starting with Black Jack Pershing to the insufficient number of trucks provided and the inadequate road network for the Argonne battle. High School. Viewed 29k times 84. How did the US contribute to the defeat of Nazi Germany? When their morale collapsed on all fronts they sued for peace. American troops play the critical role in turning back the last German Offensive of World War I. How did America help defeat Nazi Germany? 2. When their morale collapsed on all fronts they sued for peace. While the Royal Air Force defeated the Germans in the Battle of Britain, limiting the air war there until a strategic bomber force could be built up, air operations in North Africa and the Mediterranean were hotly contested by British, Commonwealth, and American air power until the spring of 1943. <<591BB253EE9183439B872B7AB938B253>]>> Lv 4. (8m) Explain how German miscalculations and weaknesses led to their defeat in WWII. Archived . Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. P. pugsville. The United States led Allied forces in an invasion of German territory in Western Europe. The American Expeditionary Force therefore was the key component in German defeat in WW1. Casualties were often heavier than should have been necessary and the US First Army got bogged down temporarily in its biggest operation, the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. View Notes - Discussion_week_7_Chapter 22 from HIST 2112 at Georgia State University, Perimeter College. Hoping you will visit the other articles and features of the Doughboy Center and gain some appreciation for the great national effort and sacrifice the United States made in striving for victory during the last nineteen months of what was then the greatest war in history. Other than that Germany had it under wraps. Join. 1009 0 obj <>stream The AEF with its operations broke the German morale. 1. And I know others would say they entered too late to make a difference. 55,000 Americans fighting under the 4th French Army capture Blanc Mont Ridge and force the abandonment of the Champagne by the German Army; King Albert of Belgium receives comparable American reinforcements for his assault in Flanders. And if anyone knows, why did Hitler declare war on them in the first place? As Winston Churchill pointed out, with their reinforcements from the East they could have sat on their occupied … This enabled Britain to replace lost aircraft and airfields and repair damage.In conclusion, Britain beat Germany due to Germany’s lack of proper aircraft and ill preparedness to fight against a capable … Log in. 0000004306 00000 n With its victory on the Eastern Front, the German Army had available over a million additional men to transfer to the West. Liddell Hart called a "true stranglehold". Would Lloyd George have provided Douglas Haig the manpower to attempt a new variation on his 1917 campaign in the Ypres Salient? By New Year's Day 1918, the British Army had been bled before Passchendaele, the French Army had suffered both defeat and mutiny from the Nivelle Offensive and Russia, then under Lenin, had withdrawn from the war. It is astonishing to discover other historians or commentators who miss the overarching point of the American participation in the Great War. Subsequently, US divisions totaling a quarter of a million men serve as the core attacking units in the Aisne-Marne counteroffensive of the Second Battle of the Marne. Who Did The Most To Defeat The Nazis? Log in. The role of the fighting on civilians *Germany also suffered from weak allies. Pershing staged a series of costly amphibious assaults on the German-held beaches in Italy and France. Join now. 0 We welcome comments and will consider adding other opinions to this section. Besides, the generals and doughboys of the AEF by the urgency of the moment had to learn by fighting; and the logistical problems of the Meuse-Argonne were all solved within a few weeks with the adversary driven from a position he had occupied and fortified for four years . According to the passage, how did Pershing contribute to the Allied victory? The new US Second Army is deploying and initiating operations below Metz to the east. 0000000016 00000 n from largely the perspective of General John Pershing himself, as well as the command staff under him. (8m) (B) ‘Germany would not have been defeated if the US did not enter the war.’ How far do you agree with this statement? 0000003832 00000 n Initially, the doughboys are able to take over quiet sectors of the front, allowing British and French units to rest or redeploy to more active locales. 1 Questions & Answers Place. How did As Winston Churchill pointed out, with their reinforcements from the East they could have sat on their occupied sections of France and Flanders and dared the Entente to attack. Would Petain have ordered his enervated Poilus back on the offensive? Much has been made in the last 80 years by former allies, academic historians and documentary film makers of the rough fits and starts and frequent gross inefficiencies of the American troops and their commanders during the First World War. This legend was widely believed and deliberately disseminated by the defeated German military leadership, seeking to avoid personal consequences for their policies. x��WyPW_H8��}B��a�Y ,�2EC²��XP�V)�B[T�uZ%�PkS�� ��q���vzL�[�r�uQZ�:�U)#N��������_�ϗ=�}���}��7���a��zbA�����Ͽ ����yx/��h�){�1IU�W���g����7%W5���ϯ��n�E�l��ߴ9��}��. It is impossible to put a figure on shortening the war, but certainly Germany was damaged by the Holocaust and in at least one area is still damaged. Did Russian winter seriously contribute to German defeat on the Eastern Front in WWII? CATHORIO. Germany's most dangerous enemy lay across an ocean and spanned the width of a continent. Absent the arrival of the Americans, Ludendorff and Hindenburg did not have to make a desperate and exhausting roll of the dice as they did in resuming the offensive in March 1918. TERM Spring '08; PROFESSOR DUNCAN; TAGS World War I, World War II, United States Senate, American Expeditionary Force. In addition to this strategic point, the specific contributions of the American armed forces to the demoralization and military defeat of the Central Powers can be easily charted chronologically: The promise of a large AEF buoys French morale when their Army has been defeated and in mutiny. Share this link with a friend: Copied! The American Expeditionary Forces (AEF) consisted of the United States Armed Forces (mostly the United States Army) that were sent to Europe in World War I to support the Allied cause against the Central Powers. Last edited: Oct 9, 2018. History. I’m mainly curious due to a post I read with some very high, but slightly dubious numbers here. German strategy, early on was to bomb radar stations, airfields and aircraft manufacturing facilities. Want to read the whole page? EYA. This after kitting the AEF out with all its heavy equipment. Close. When America entered the Great War in April 1917, it had a small constabulary Army with no experience in industrial age warfare. The AEF defends Paris on the Marne River line at Chateau Thierry. I just want the facts. Consider: The … Check all that apply. 1000 0 obj <> endobj Please contact us through the email addresses below. Claims have been made on television recently that the United States made minimal military contribution to the war's conclusion and [grossly inaccurately] that the US only fought in one battle. Answer: 3 question 7) how did germany's location contribute to its defeat? Gregg. - 14247851 1. Even with the soviets it was only a matter of time before Germany would have won a favorable peace and wiped out Bolshevism. 0000004008 00000 n The AEF with its operations broke the German morale. While the Americans were involved in countering the offensive, … If the defeat of the German army was the central strategic task, the main theatre for it was the conflict on the eastern front. 6 years ago. The AEF did not have the secret talks...<
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