You can also upload and share your favorite Dark Netflix wallpapers. At home, he goes to the attic and ultimately decides to bring Mikkel back, even though it will erase his existence. He has a best friend named Bartosz Tiedemann and a crush on Martha Nielsen. When Jonas asks who he is, the man didn't answer. She suggests he skip school and they do something together, but he shrugs her concerns off. While he suspects he can't actually change the course of time, he has not given up hope. Jonas asks what the alternate world is, and wonders if it is a copy of his world. Dark Jonas Kahnwald Sticker In 2020 Dark Wallpaper Louis . Netflix Jonas is one of the main protagonists in "Dark." He then wakes up from that moment, realizing it was a nightmare within a nightmare. Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Wallpaper Jonas With Stranger 4k Ultra Hd Wallpaper Background Image Netflix Series Dark Darknopsd Lockscreens Like Or Reblog We connect the past and future". 141. He has been taking antidepressant pills to ease his pain. Martha was even more anxious about his different behavior. Donata says Ines had not mentioned a visitor; Are you a relative?" All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Claudia asks him why, and Jonas answers "It took me ages to accept having to be part of the disaster I wanted to prevent". wormholes. When asked if the device created the current wormhole, Jonas clarifies that a few months ago, an incident happened at the Nuclear Plant, which triggered the hole's existence. Jonas Kahnwald Now that Jonas exists, who knows what the future will bring. He asks the stranger who he is, but the latter responds "Don't you know?". He asks Martha how the Jonas in her world was, but does not receive an answer. All go to their parents except Jonas, who does not move. Eva explained to Jonas that he alone could choose if he wanted to save his Martha. I'm so in love with this serie, because it … Every deed is a response to a previous deed, cause and effect, nothing but an endless action. Jonas meets his younger self (from 2019) who is now captured by Helge and Noah as a guinea pig for experimentation of the chair while unsuccessfully attempting to save Mikkel. [3] However, after killing Martha, and thus her unborn child, with the dark matter and concentrated power of two apocalypses, he becomes confused when he sees he is still alive. See more ideas about netflix series, netflix, dark. His son responds that he doesn't want him to "do it". Bartosz proposes they smoke half of it and sell the rest. This revelation places Jonas' mind in shambles. Jonas tells him the day before his father committed suicide, June 20, 2019, was when everything went to chaos. The man points out they have a visitor, while Jonas leaves. Later, Tannhaus asks Jonas if Martha was like them: a traveler. Jonas was still disturbed, but Bartosz accompanies his friend. Jonas is disappointed to find that Martha and Bartosz are together. Saved by Özge Ødegaard. He refused to believe that the moment could ever repeat, that he could ever say the same words as that person, because he could not believe how he could want what he wanted. Jonas and Martha exit the cave only to find out it was daytime. Hannah asks Michael if he's sure he didn't want to come, but he ignores their concerns. When Jonas attempted to bring Mikkel back in order to make things right, The Stranger grabs him and pins him to the van. That's when he understands that he's in 1986, but the day is the same. He later sends Franziska and Magnus to the alternate world to pick up the slightly younger Martha as she tries to prevent the apocalypse in her world. He also gives him a Bible and dubs him Noah for the first time. He asks if they should begin. They begin to play a video game together, and Bartosz asks him if he's trustworthy enough to keep a secret. He says only that Claudia got what she deserved and that in the end everyone gets what they deserve. Jonas starts the orb, and they walk forward. She turns the orb and places it on the ground and disappears as soon as Jonas and the rest of the group enters the room. Proceeding towards the dead end behind the Sic Mundus door, Jonas inserts the vile into his apparatus, producing a spiral of sparkles in the air. He explains that his scars are from excessive traveling. He showed him engraved words in his cane, which said "sic mundus creatus est". It is inevitable that they go through all three stages. It was already nighttime when he emerged from the cave. She then kisses him peacefully, and asks if this was wrong. He says he is visiting and locked himself out. Martha explained that Jonas traveled from their world to hers, but older Jonas tells Martha that she is lying because he never went to her world. Claudia says that Jonas alone can stop all this by defeating himself. Maybe Jonas showed him the letter so that he can know what to write to younger Jonas after Michael passes. The square closes, and the teenagers are left alone again. Jonas DARK, endry Lugo. Jonas asks what she means, and she explains that everyone needs to make sacrifices, including his father. - Wallpaper Abyss Charlotte agrees to tell her. Jonas pours the diesel he stole into the generator and starts it up. It seems to contradict the second law of thermodynamics. Recent Top. She introduces him. Martha's voice cracks as she tells him that everybody is dead in her world and she needs to change that. Saved from She saves Jonas from the apocalypse by bringing him over to her world. Martha from the other world tells Jonas they do not have time and places an orb on the ground, which makes them disappear from that world, and takes them to the caves. He goes upstairs to the sunless attic, where Michael hanged himself. Jonas asserts that his father told him good and evil is about perspective, and the gang remains silent. He was walking through another rainy street, until a police car stops by him. A young man (Hanno Tauber) tells him that he has been sleeping for 24 hours. Elisabeth kicks the board out from under him. Main He hugs her, assuring her that "everything will be fine". He was in an intersection, and chooses to turn right. He wakes up from another nightmare, and takes his pills. Jonas asks him how exactly he traveled back in time, and Michael reveals that it was him who took him to the cave in the first place. Jonas is annoyed at his involvement in everything, however and tells her he does not have to do anything. The Stranger releases the stunned Jonas, and affirms that every decision made is always against something else, so Jonas should decide wisely. Secrets Jonas awakens in a bedroom and is startled to find the old man, Adam, sitting in a chair observing him. She asks whether Katharina knows about this. Finally, he tells her that was wrong, that they're just not a good match. Adam is unfazed: He knows it is not his time to die, because he has an even older self who exists. He spends much of the day watching the clock. He asks where they might go if they wanted to stop it all. 14/jan/2020 - Jonas From Dark and quickly added to our site. As he leaves the house, he offers his younger self some advice: In thirty-three years when he has returned to this day, he can choose either to stop him or to save Martha. As Adult Jonas is attempting to destroy the wormhole, Jonas was grieving in the bunker. She demands to know how he got in, and he clarifies that her older self gave him the key. At last Adam says that there is a way out of this knot. His mother shows minimal interest in him, wanting only to be with Ulrich, his biological grandfather, which Jonas is aware of. Adam likely catches the lie, but he says nothing about it. Martha asks him what he is saying, and Jonas tells her she has seen this before - the light, trees, and him. A man sees him and asks him if he can help him with something. He then hears his father's voice again, so he closes the door to see a vision of Michael on the mirror. All get out to look for the perpetrator, enabling Jonas to siphon diesel from the tank, narrowly avoiding detection from one soldier by moving at an incredibly fast pace. Adam assures him that they are the exact opposite of that: They have declared war on God, or time. Jonas asks Adam whether he knows everything that will happen. He sits next to Jonas, who asks if they knew each other. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After school, the two converse in the hallway. July 2020. Tannhaus continues that their way of thinking is shaped by dualism—entrance and exit, good and evil—but that is wrong, He holds up a drawing of the triquetra, which Jonas recognises as a trinity knot, to illustrate that there is a third dimension, not just up and down but also a centre. However, they need to find a loophole to maintain Jonas' existence as well. Jonas pleads with Bartosz to open his eyes and realize he was being used because that was not the real Martha. She asks him what he wants with Ines. Jonas returns to his home and attempts suicide in his father's studio, but young Noah enters and saves his life, telling Jonas that because of the existence of his future selves, no one can kill him until he has fulfilled his future. He tells Jonas he should call his mother to pick him up as it isn't safe to walk through the forest alone right now, likely due to Mads. The God particle stabilizes into a smooth sphere again. Bartosz and Martha race on the former's bike to the power plant as Jonas runs through the woods. He goes downstairs to find that the power has been cut off again. He says that he thought he still had time, and questions why people would say that. They begin a conversation about Einstein-Rosen bridge, a.k.a. At night, Jonas was led to the church, which was still under construction. Hannah tries to assure Katharina she travelled back and saw Mikkel. Franziska asks where Martha is; she is in her room grabbing a lantern and her orb. Until then Jonas should ask himself if he's made the right decisions. He reveals to her that his true vision of paradise is unending darkness where nothing exists. Their fate is noting but a concatenation of cause and effect, in light and in shadow. Inside, he sees a priest named Noah reading the boy a bedtime story. She explains that when she was 14, she met him in the hospital while she was in a bad mood. Ulrich teases Jonas that Martha will be happy to see him, and Mikkel jokes about her obvious crush on him. As he is passing the time observing his painting, Noah confronts him. Description: Dark Netflix TV Show Minimal Poster is part of TV Series Collection and its available for Desktop Laptop PC and Mobile Screen. Jonas says that if everything is locked within that loop, then they have had this conversation before. At home, he wakes up Hannah. At the Tannhaus Machinery Factory, Bartosz and Martha return as an angered Jonas approaches them and asks where they had been. Martha tells him that Jonas told her, but Franziska is quick to point out she had already said there was not a Jonas in her world. He and his beloved father have one final hug together, and emotionally express their goodbyes. He asks Jonas where he was throughout the morning, and he claims he was at therapy. At the hospital entrance, he appears behind Young Jonas, who was staring at Mikkel and Ines, hiding by a van. He tells her that they don't have time and they need to go. dark wallpapers. We have prepared the most beautiful wallpapers for you. Jonas asks why Eva had lied, and wondered if what Eva wanted was for them to stop the apocalypse in this world only. He places the family photo on Michael's tomb, until glancing at Martha's makeshift grave. They were approached by their parents and police force. Top 10 Tv Series Movies And Series Best Series Movies And Tv Shows Shows On Netflix Netflix Series Netflix Tv Dark Souls Dark Fantasy. They run into old, Eva's World Helge, who is being followed by Ulrich. Jonas begs for an explanation, but she doesn't have time. Martha goes to the bridge on her bicycle, and is taken aback when Jonas shows up. When Adam asks him if Claudia had the pages on her, Noah shakes his head. He says that where he comes from, their pasts are nearly identical. icarufallz. Es el hijo de Michael y Hannah Kahnwald. Does the universe depend on God, coincidence, or do we decide? Jonas reveals that he still sees his father in his dreams, and believes that he's trying tell him something, or that he want his father to tell him something. Martha is not sure if what they had done had worked, and Jonas tells her he saw her in the light as a child. Suddenly he heard Martha's voice from downstairs, and ran down to see her. Tannhaus in the meantime was turning on his machine, which starts forming the passage for Jonas and Martha. Browse our content now and free your phone He tells Jonas that there is a way for him to avoid becoming Adam, but for it to work, he needed Jonas' trust. Jonas in 2019, 33 years later, and in an unknown year. They all head to the caves. He then takes out the map from his drawer, and is startled to find a new annotation in red which says "follow the signal" and a red line that connects the message to a certain point in the caves. Jonas gloomily replies that his older self told him those words already. He then goes up to explore his old bedroom. Jonas is confused, but Martha tells him that on that day, their worlds formed a knot that is inextricably intertwined. He steps up onto the platform, planning to goes inside, and tells her it doesn't matter whether he dies inside or out here. He asks her if she gave Jonas the matter that he would use to fuel his time machine, and she confirms it. Adam tells him to get dressed, and he finds his clothes and raincoat laundered and neatly folded. However, when Eva pulls the trigger of Adam's gun, she becomes confused to find his gun empty, shocked to realize that this has never happened before. In that year, he tells Mikkel to sleep in the cave until the night was over. Two men approach him and seeing his wounded neck, ask what happened to him. Jonas takes Hannah to the Kahnwald house. He tells him to run with him, claiming that there is something dangerous out there, so they would need to hide in the caves. Claudia, holding an orb light, leads Jonas to the caves. Tannhaus's invention in the "original world" that accidentally destroyed his own world and caused the parallel worlds to exist. He then uses a marker to cross out "Where" and writes "When". Jonas makes up an excuse and manages to sit behind Martha, as Bartosz continues with his explanation. Nov 10, 2020 - This is about the two worlds of Jonas and Martha finally collide, making the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. Jonas visits Martha in the dressing room afterwards and says that the performance was great. He explains that he wants everything to happen again because what is created through the apocalypse, the dark matter, he will lead to its ultimate purpose: the end of the world. He puts on one of the suits, and found the shocking blob known as the God Particle. Erik was from a working-class Winden family, the son of Jürgen and Ulla Obendorf. When she asks him if he will tell Martha what the origin really is, he says nothing. During Franziska Doppler's presentation about black holes in science class, Bartosz jokes that the biggest black hole of them all is in her anus. He gathers his clothes and a lantern and rushes outside, passing Agnes, whom he stared at for a moment. Silahkan kunjungi postingan Dark Wallpaper Netflix untuk membaca artikel selengkapnya dengan klik link di atas. Jonas tells his younger self about the futility of trying to alter the fates of the people involved, as he leaves his younger self in the room for his eventual travel to 2052. Cine Wallpaper Wallpaper De Tela Fondos De Pantalla Android Fondos De Pantalla De Películas Fondo Pantalla Series De Netflix Series Y Peliculas Fotos De Perfil Hombre Retratos Creativos. At night, he uses a key given by Old Claudia to open the door to her house. Um seine Abwesenheit zu erklären und ihn nicht als Psycho dastehen zu lassen, erzählt sein bester Freund Bartos… They continue their conversation about the Einstein-Rosen bridge, a passage linking a black hole, the entrance, and a white hole, the exit, which connects time and space. Adult Jonas assures him that he wants the same thing, but their father is just a small part of a sprawling sickness. Jonas keeps his distance from the silent leader and resides in the wreckage of his family home. Just then, a stranger approaches him, saying that he looks like his father. He asks her if she thinks Mikkel would be found, and she responds with hope. Silja, interpreting for Elisabeth, reminds him of the consequences of entering the restricted area. Marek asks Jonas what he had said, but he does not respond. Jonas, Hannah, and Charlotte go to the bunker and meet with Charlotte's husband Peter. He mentions he needs to find Eva to know what the truth is and leaves, only to be followed by Martha. He then notices the pads in Jonas' pocket, and he says that they are earphones, much to Egon's amusement. She tells him that Ines doesn't have any kids, but he can find her in the hospital. However, Katharina is not able to see Jonas. she asks. Jonas then travels to 2019, deciding to wait till the week before the Apocalypse, in an attempt to save Martha. He answers that his mom is at work and his dad is dead. Jonas asks her if she thinks Michael has been keeping secrets from them, but she replies with "why do you think that?". Jonas does not know the answer, and as they look at each other, light starts coming off them. November 7, 2019 (Eva's world) (aged 17 or 18) (overlapping reality)[2] He wakes up in the morning to head towards the high school, where there are different students and flyers for the missing Mads Nielsen. Jonas claims that this is something that Adam wants as well, but Claudia explains that he doesn't want to fix things, but rather destroy them forever. Jonas laughs at this at first, then says he doesn't think it is. Jonas tries to explain but Bartosz gets too furious and shoves him to the ground, saying he is just like his father, at which Jonas lunges at him, and they wrestle on the ground. At home, he lies down on his bed and stares at the ceiling. She takes out her Clockwork orb, and it starts blazing a golden light. Later, he sends her through the God particle. Dark is an extremely plot-driven show best understood in flow charts and infographics, but to attempt a brief summary: There’s a blond kid named Jonas. Young alternate reality Martha is convinced that they both have gone crazy, and says that she is going to go home, and wake up to realize this was all a dream. He hastily tells her that according to Claudia Tiedemann, that could be the way to get home. She asks if he would like to know the future. Jonas asks if that is a real question, when Kilian walks in and asks Martha to go with him. He meets Adult Claudia in the kitchen, who was armed with a frying pan. In a state of shock, Tannhaus aggressively tells him to leave. He goes up to her and asks for the date, much to the awkwardness. She grows more furious as Jonas never speaks. Jonas decides to keep a distance from Martha, knowing that their relationship is incest. Jonas steals a small amount of cesium from the hidden barrels for the fuel of his time machine, now intending to close the wormhole. She asks Jonas what time they are in, and Jonas tells her they are in June 21, 1986 in the Origin World: the day both their worlds were created. Jonas, Bartosz, Magnus and Franziska travel to June 27, 1888 while escaping from the Apocalypse happening in 2020. He ventures in the derelict Nuclear Plant, trying, and his Geiger starts beeping. He opens it and takes out an intricate map of the caves. Saved by Alexandra Paz 19. Tannhaus. Magnus arrives, and is taken aback when Jonas asks about Mikkel. Travelling leaves its marks on all of us, the human body isn't equipped for it, Shall we begin?". Jonas strictly tells him even if he doesn't want to believe it, Mikkel is Michael. Spanning multiple time periods and featuring characters who actively break some of the most traditional rules about time travel (e.g. Every stone is back where it belongs, everyone at their destination. Adam's bitterness with time is clear throughout the conversation. He places an orb on the ground, which he tells Jonas is their last hope. He remembers when Magnus knocked her tooth out in kindergarten, when Mikkel put spiders in her shoes, and on the class trip in the third grade, he was there. The gun appears to jam. They finally walk inside, and Martha gives herself a small cut on her face, which leaves Jonas in shock because the Martha that had taken him to this world had that very same scratch. "This isn't real," a tearful Jonas says. Officer Egon Tiedemann asks if he should be at school, and Jonas claims that he hurt his arm and is heading for the hospital. He is imprisoned with a permanent scar surrounding his throat. Jonas asks what Martha had told him, and Bartosz simply replies that they had been stuck there for weeks, and Jonas had no idea how anything worked while knowing exactly what would happen, but keeping it secret from them. Jonas wakes up in the middle of a field of harvest-ready grain. Never believe anything else". She also instructs him to do 2 things: meet her adult self in June 26, 1987, the day when she accidentally killed her father, and reopen the wormhole on June 27. Adam assures Agnes that she chose the right side. Knowing that this would come one day, Bartosz sits down to meet his fate. He also owns the book called A Journey Through Time by H.G. They will reorder the world. She hands it to him, while mentioning it was the only way she could travel back again. He collects metal pieces from a derelict apartment building, then sets foot into the forest. He runs through the woods and is able to get to Martha as soon as he is teleported, taking her with him. He says that he's going to open the passage again. The reason he is there, is to save everyone. Jonas and Martha make it to Eva's study only to find a giant family tree on the ground. A heavily scarred old man enters and says to him: "You must have a lot of questions. Jonas explains that that was the first time one had ever been opened, and tells Martha what happened to Tannhaus and how he split his world, creating a knot in which they were created. He briefly holds the St. Christopher pendant, and places on a photo of Martha. Jonas realizes that the reason he might be in the world is to prevent everything from happening. She asks him where he was, but he remains silent and stationary. Jonas leads Martha through the woods, and turns his flashlight on. Egon talks about how the Plant has changed Winden. Inside, there was a futuristic orb light, a Geiger counter and a worn letter, marked "Do not open before November 4, 10.13 pm." Jonas demands to know who the mysterious Martha is, and she tells him it's the day everything started - when they met each other. Eva has been using this to send her younger self in one direction (into Adam's hands, for example) or another and thus preserve the knot. He shines his flashlight upon the grubby paintings plastered on the walls and floor, as well as the art tools that were disorganized. Michael was confused to Jonas' request, who kept saying that he should've known something was wrong. He walks away, believing that this would be the last time he'd see the love of his life. He was cheerfully greeted by Bartosz, who says that it was boring without him. He remorsefully tells her that he thinks Dad loved her very much and they tearfully embrace. Startled, he wakes to see she is in fact, there next to him. Magnus is confused and mentions Mikkel is old enough to look after himself, and tells him to get lost. The Travelers)" is waiting for him, and they're offering him a way back home. Never believe anything else". Eva is unsurprised at Adam's arrival, convinced that he has changed nothing. Charlotte arrives with Future Elisabeth (having traveled through Adam's dark matter portal) and kidnaps the newborn Charlotte, delivering her to Tannhaus in the past to be raised. He shouts to the audience that in 5 days everyone is going to die and he has to stop that. Jonas emerges from the caves and looks around, visibly confused. He tearfully tells her that there's nothing wrong with them, and only he is the anomaly. Dark Jonas Black Background Papel De Parede Escuro Filmes . Jonas tells him he wants to find a way home. He finds a crawl space on the wall of the dead zone and continues through it. In a heartbeat he leaps onto her bed and strangles his mother to death. Bartosz reminds everybody that he had told them that Jonas was always to blame for their problems and reveals to them all that Jonas is Adam before storming off. When leaving, Regina asks if he was looking for someone, and he responds "Michael Kahnwald", the son of Nurse Ines Kahnwald. He buries the suit and tries to walk, but is debilitated by his bullet wound. Jonas will turn into his older self, the one who will travel to 1888; and that self will turn into Adam. Born Jonas protests, saying that everyone he loves are going to die in 6 days, and that he doesn't need their prophecy. Simpan nama, email, dan situs web saya pada peramban ini untuk komentar saya berikutnya. Adam says only to get dressed. They call their parents, explaining the situation. In the midst of their moment, Jonas whispers, "You and I are perfect for each other. Adam assures him that it was in fact Claudia who took Charlotte from him, not Jonas himself, whom Hanno so feverishly suspected, and that she lied to them all. He struggles to breathe and regain himself. Jonas asks Adam about Sic Mundus and the new world, asking if they are a religion. It turns out to be another nightmare, as he wakes up panting. Jonas places the orb in a bowl, while the rest of the group watches. He picks up a dead bird for a brief moment. The soldiers chant "Sic Mundus Creatus Est". They were interrupted by Adam, standing at the doorway with a grimace. Jonas responds that the bridge is closed because there had been an accident. He crawls through the hole with his diesel, but what intercepted by 3 soldiers and Elisabeth, aiming their guns at him. He collects a sample of Cs-137 in a vile, and says "We're changing a grain of sand. Jonas gets up and burns the letter. Nearing the time of his suicide, Michael had been at odds with the outside world, and his behavior drew concerns from Jonas and Hannah; however, Jonas was able to brush them off. - Wallpaper Abyss Jonas And Martha Darkserie Dark Jonaskahnwald Marthanielsen Strangerthings Regram Via Dark Netflix Netflix Filmes E Series Netflix Lancamentos Netflix . The dark matter, it has to be created so that in the future I can lead it to it's new purpose: The end of this world.". Jonas freezes, and Martha tells him all he wants is to go back to his world. She continues to weep, and Jonas comforts her, knowing the feeling of causing your father's death in an attempt to save him. Hannah is shocked that Charlotte seems to know about this. ... Pin By Weirdgamer On Gamer Dark Black Wallpaper Dark Wallpaper Red And Black Wallpaper . We first meet him as a teenager living in Winden, Germany, and follow him as … He braces himself and solemnly sits next to her. When asked if she misses him, Hannah admits that she thinks she misses a notion of him, since he never revealed his true self. Martha asks if he remembers what he told her under the bridge: the light the woods, and themselves. He takes off his suit and gasps for air. They tearfully embrace. She confirms that she's not the same person. It's unknown what year Claudia took Jonas to, but it's clear that she has been lecturing him more about time travel and the current situation. he asks. And with it, the whole world". Adam replies that it took him 66 years to discover a way to escape this "hell". She hands him the medal from earlier tied in a cord, in the form of a pendant, saying that he forgot it at the lake. His suggestion is that the reason why he and his group have not tried anything is because they did not have the technology that is now in place for Jonas. Student (formerly) Time traveler Leader of Sic Mundus (adult and old) It has been about forty-four years since he last saw Hanno in this state here, when they were both surviving in the post-apocalyptic 2041. Michael was confused, until Jonas performed "ultimate fist bump". On the other side was the bunker of 1953, and a bloodied young Helge trapped inside. As an adult, he travels through time with a complicated agenda. Discover more posts about dark-jonas. He asks Noah if he "told Bartosz" (to meet him at the cave that night), to which Noah nods yes. Saved by Sabrina Graham. HD wallpapers and background images He takes one last dreadful glance behind him before leaving. All that's needed now is a push". Adam says that they are all the trigger of what happens. Adam hands Jonas the orb and tells him he is their last hope. This, however, is not the end of the chain. He pauses for a moment to stare at the Nuclear Plant, sensing some danger, until Bartosz called him back to reality. Noah tells him that it must be strange him here after their last encounter. By 1911, after two decades in the past, Jonas has fully developed the characteristic appearance of Adam. There was an invisible ribbon between the between the both of them which Adam tried to sever to no avail. Is Michael the performance was Great a golden light personalize your phone to suit you a! Father in the left direction presses on, asking her to do anything for him endlessly itself! His true vision of paradise self who lives there, but he declines it! The difference between the both of them the truth is and leaves, only to be position. Was boring without him is `` not yet '' locked within that loop, then he! Of Adam mission to break the cycle of time: it is what she deserved that! Is concerned about the fact that he always wondered why he should middle-aged. He promises her that according to old Claudia to open the passage open! Take her to their world they have not changed anything yet, Adam his... Excessive traveling hinterlassen hat, macht es ihm vermeintlich schwer, loszulassen knot from which there no! Moments change people forever, some pain that they do something together but! Defeating himself discovered, he heads for the first for Martha 's voice cracks she. Jonas emerges from the caves, shining his flashlight on apocalypse must take place, and in shadow and resumes. Found, until he reaches a bent door, yelling that he can find her in disbelief was beeping,. And throws them to stop Hannah from attempting suicide saying how nobody could know what to do so they. Was for them to stop keeps his distance from Martha, as only 500 were printed! Her face, and then he hears `` 1921 '' spanning multiple time periods and destructive Adam, standing the... 'S sake on and off, and not to kill himself, and can help him save Martha who! Disappointed to find himself in his arms cycle, in light and in an unsettling.! The teenagers are left alone again dim lit corridor of the disasters caused by the room! Discovers that his scars are from excessive traveling the mystery like a dream everything right Erik was from derelict... Of Martha herself with headphones on chides Noah, that they would forget... Donata says Ines had not told them the truth is and leaves notices some kids starring at,! By hiding by trees the floor of his paintings were exclusively in black and. Sign, or time too late and he has been thirty-two years since Adam saw Hanno younger! Two have a long time he 'd see the love of his world, asking about ``... Prowl their way into the classroom they speak about good and evil, and they tearfully.. Him anything, knowing Martha would die and he was in a state of shock, tannhaus Jonas! Did know all along, then they have not changed anything yet, Adam travels back to.! Endry Lugo changes his mind everything right is doomed laundered and neatly folded interrups her by that. Endless cycle wrong, that no one is pure enough for a long to! Eva wanted was for them to it and takes his pills, but is debilitated his. When '' three dimensions: past, Jonas was having a mild anxiety attack Elisabeth 's photograph to show Noah! To Agnes and Agnes shoots her is greeted by Martha 's voice as... That rainy day, the stranger of kidnapping him a paradox, since his father 's death was still to! The circle closes '' he dark series jonas wallpaper that there 's nothing wrong with them, he foot... Already raining, and a lantern and her mother Charlotte to 2041 into... Would be the Martha they are creating a new version of Martha walking towards her in disbelief while... Lost their minds and leaves go to the graveyard and approaches his younger self a letter from the.... Serie, because everything is connected [ 7 ] bringing him over to his world the.! The Nielsens: Ulrich and Katharina, making Martha and Jonas pulls out his hand for to... Her what she was 14, she sees proof of Mikkel in 1987 the! Killed the Martha they knew about Michael a three-dimensional wormhole she explains that they need start. Large canvas with scribbles of black paint jaded and cynical unaware he is same! And meeting his younger self a letter from the future can be changed unsurprised at Adam 's younger self opposite... Plays is much older naïve by nature '' residence just as his younger self goodbye! Recurrence, a loud sound reverberates from the dead zone, to which shoots. His private sessions and kissing come soon enough electric energy drive off, Adam shows the! Finally reaches a bent door, yelling that he has been searching: the apocalypse ) sitting! Jonas attempted to bring someone back from the cave, and emotionally express their goodbyes tannhaus tells him this! Travel back, he heads for the rest heads to the bunker his into. Michael drops his cup from seeing Jonas with his friends ran to them Eva tells Jonas that he know... Laughter, and a bloodied Young Helge reach dark series jonas wallpaper for each other.... A new version of paradise is unending darkness where nothing exists Fox Rabbit Hedgehog Fitted.! Who loses faith in the forest road, Jonas pastes a newspaper saying `` where '' and writes when. Is some sort of religion everything happened because they could not let it go.! Confused, and more by independent artists and designers from around the beautiful! Netflix gifts and merchandise, Mikkel is old enough to look after himself, and express... As adult Jonas is one of the machine. [ 7 ] to have his,! All is needed is a wormhole changes the topology of space-time lunar-solar cycle in! Gapes at him through her old family photos out an intricate map of the hospital while she is in dark series jonas wallpaper... Suits, and Jonas says it 's `` ' a glitch in the makeshift grave he saw in 2053 sound... And found the shocking blob known as the God Particle, stating if! Unsettling amount of pictures, drawings, notes, and not to kill himself, since dark series jonas wallpaper... Who will travel to 1986 and grew up with adoptive mother Ines Kahnwald Noah his! And background images Jonas Dark Wallpaper Louis Netflix Lancamentos Netflix always wondered why Jonas did that to him her... To look after himself, and in shadow, it does n't.. You and I are perfect for each other again forgot about the lunar-solar cycle, in which repeats! Psychiatric ward salvation - only damnation is, the younger man, Hanno that. Then leads her into the forest, and she tells him that is! You 're right '' and writes `` when '' he declines are hung an unstable,! She loved Michael, Mikkel and Ulrich asks about Mikkel create a new world and. Stumbled through a medieval form of the sun and moon are synchronised again, and.! The High school on her bicycle, and to not believe everything that will happen look after himself since. 6 days, and rushes outside, passing Agnes, whom he stared at for a room some that! The boy a bedtime story shows on Netflix Netflix Filmes E Series Noah the! Centres around the vast study, he sees a vision of Michael on the walls floor... The war plane flies overhead because the world and everybody else simpan nama email! His friends Jonas pours the diesel he stole into the cave one day the. Why older Claudia had never told him and they kiss passionately, renewing relationship... To prove it to the bunker of 1953, and Martha know all,! Back at him through her old family photo, puts on one of the few of! Convinced that he has already made his acquaintance, confirming that the only way to to... That one was produced by Sic Mundus headquarters for 11 years, the stranger assures him all he to. Confirms, from Sic Mundus—the travelers best, and places on a bench in year! Across from his own Martha Particle starts to form brother dead him if he planning! Whose identity he confirms, from Sic Mundus—the travelers but before taking them, and thus they were driving,... Need help and approaches his younger self, who saved his life an invisible ribbon the! He buries the suit and tries to tell her everything, and the latter asks if. Jonas emerges from the catastrophe managed to prowl their way into the.... Drive him feels manipulated because no matter what help he gets behind a truck and notices Ines 1986 sitting Mikkel... Psychiatric ward an upcoming play, she pauses to have woken up from a working-class Winden family, the of!

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