The Pioneer PL-12D was sold in starter systems back in the day. £25.00. With headshell and working cartridge more typically in the £60-80 range. grendel Forum Resident Thread Starter. I picked one of these up a few months ago with the intention of selling it on but my brother saw it and decided it would be a good replacement for his current belt drive Technics. Naturally the Pioneer went on to break sales records, but after a few years at the top, the likes of Sansui’s SR-222 and Trio’s KD-1033 were moving in on the action; these were all fine sounding machines selling for around £50 including cartridge, and looked sleeker and … The Pioneer PL-12D sells for anything from £28 to £130. Yes, Series III was an ultra low mass (about 5-6 grams effective mass) arm designed specifically for ultra high compliance cartridges. I used this cartridge for about five years, initially on a Pioneer PL12D turntable but mostly on a Yamaha YP-511. The M95 is a wonderful cartridge and seemed to me to combine the best of the warm Shure sound with the detail of, say, an Ortofon. I just sold a PL-12D. However I would like to do the system some justice and upgrade the cartridge to a moving coil or good alternative. Forgive me but the bit about the S-shape sounds counter-intuitive to me. - and that was designed for the most compliant cartridges ever known. ... re done refurbing it with a cartridge and belt, you may be better served looking at a project debut 3, or a well regarded used vintage thorens. chosenhandle Forum Resident. blakep Forum Resident. This machine almost single-handedly re-wrote the book … Best Sellers Today's Deals Prime Video Help Books Gift Ideas New Releases Home & Garden Electronics Vouchers Gift Cards & Top Up PC Sell Free Delivery ... PIONEER PL990 PLZ82 PLZ91 PLZ92 PL-Z93 PL-Z94 PLZ95 PN240 PN320 PLZ460 STYLUS 4.6 out of 5 stars ... (Replacement Stylus for Phono Cartridge AT95E) (Green) 4.7 out of 5 stars 368. . When I got another Pioneer PL12D a few years ago, I wanted to re-visit the M95ED and bought a used cartridge body on eBay. I'm Nick. I have had my PL12D for 25+ years and it still plays near cd quality as long as the vinyl is clean. The 8 best turntable cartridges to achieve ultimate sound quality. Pioneer PL-12D. Pioneer PL-12D Vintage Turntable Vinyl Record Player . Share. Last week I was lucky enough to get a Pioneer PL-12D turntable from freecycle. So, much of my listening in the late 70s and early 80s was conducted with this cartridge. eBay. With Shure Cartridge. A reasonable turntable... but at the very bottom of the food chain for belt drives. PIONEER PL-12D *SERVICED* CLASSIC TURNTABLE+ CARTRIDGE/STYLUS. EUR 77.28. Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items ... New Turntable Record Player Belt Fits PIONEER PL12D PL-12D PL112D PL-112D PL115D. By today’s standards it’s a little opaque and two dimensional, but still highly listenable. I would go ahead and use your Shure cart. Written by Paul Rigby. Original instructions included. Posts: 214 Posts: 577 In most cases they have required a little work to get them running again. Complete with shure M75 ED mm cartridge. One, Rare Model, Made in Japan, Fully Manual, 2-speed, Belt Drive, Pioneer Turntable, Model PL-12D, Looks Excellent, Works Excellent. Comes with Ortofon VMS20E MK2 cartridge. Will be well packaged for shipping! It came with a Goldring Elektra cartridge and I have to say, the sound coming out of it is actually putting my Marantz cd48 to shame. If it pleases your ears....keep using it. Forum Policies, Rules, and Terms of Service. Pioneer PL-12D. This turntable is Clean and sounds amazing! check out the. The review is about the product but the seller deserves a mention, fantastic communication even over the the Xmas period. The M75ED is actually borderline suitability for the PL-12D as the arm has a fair bit of mass and the Shure is of reasonably high compliance. A real classic vintage hi fi turntable! Didn't want to start a new thread, but have a question for you Pioneer PL owners. Posts: 1,206 My idea was to also buy an OM5E, one of the cheapest cartridges in the OM range, in ord… The result is a pacey sound that is bright and lively, yet decently refined too. I keep a few, some end up passed onto friends, some that are too far gone are kept for spares. Browsing eBay one day, I noticed that an Australian dealer was selling NOS examples of the Ortofon TM20 at a knock-down price – this is a ‘p-mount’ cartridge that sports exactly the same stylus as the OM20. works well and includes owners manual. The Shure M95ED was my first cartridge upgrade (from the M75ED) in 1977. I have the following in mind Denon DL110 Denon DL103 - Got a good reputation but a bit more than I want to … Details: turntable, pioneer, original, tonearm, base, assy, spare, working, partin, perfect Dr Know's Turntable Clinic : Dr. Know is our resident Technical guru, responsible for the free Reference Library, Technical Info, Data Sheets and the Audio Clinic.Contact the Audio Clinic at MC's are low compliance and therefor stiff which causes a huge strain on arm bearings. Cartridge + Diamond stylus for Pioneer PL112D, PL12D, PL117D, PL15R, PL514, PL50 Sea Blue 1 offer from CDN$39.99 Pioneer Headshell replacement Turntable Record Player Cartridge … Fitted with a high quality Shure M76-6S MM cartridge (fitted with brand new stylus), this vintage belt-drive turntable is in full working order and very nice physical condition (see close-up pictures). It had a Shure M75ED on it and sounded rather nice. I have a number of turntables (NAD 5120, Ariston QDeck, Pioneer PL12D ) which I got also second hand. Pioneer PLX 500 direct drive turntables & Pioneer DJM 450 full DJ SET UP Warwick, Warwickshire RRP turntables £269 each RRP mixer £599 Brand new boxed never been opened or used before Grab a bargain over £1200 worth of pro kit for £895 Pioneer PL-12D TT Cartridge upgrade any ideas/help, If this is your first visit, be sure to by clh1997. It is a nude elliptical cartridge mostly found as a good replacement on the likes of Yamaha YP-511 and Pioneer PL12D. A good arm for a MM but please remember that these decks were built down to a price so they could be sold in there thousands just in the UK. Currently i am using it with a AT95e cartridge which isn't to shabby for a budget cartridge. b'Turntable Pioneer PL12d Black colour #1' b'Serviced, new belt. I'm Geoff. 0 0 0 0. action pact Music Omnivore. This site has gained an award from the Stagelink Online Directory resource. Published on May 5, 2015. Posts: 45,212 Category Features. The belt is the perfect size for this turntable, you can buy this item with confidence that it'll fit. Anyone wishing to transfer their vinyl collection to the computer or CD should consider getting a Pioneer PL-12D and a pre-amplifier with moving magnet input and a tape/cassette output to the computer. After a misadventure with a… SEE PHOTOS. EUR 6.35. Pioneer PL-12D Reviews. by abril. Made in Japan in the mid 1970’s, this model was the first of the Japanese belt drive players to be made available in the UK. I have an old Pioneer PL12D TT which i have now restored and re-wired. I'm Clive. After all, the SME III was an S-shaped arm - probably the model for the PL12D! displaying reviews 1 to 13 of 13. Location: heemstede, the netherlands Hi everyone, TerryB Forum Resident. I have PL 12D in a secondary system here with an AT120E on it that sounds pretty good. The M95 shares some technology with the much more expensive V15. Having once been the proud owner of a PL12D I would never advise putting a MC cartridge in it. Buy Home Record Player & Turntable Parts for Pioneer and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! They awarded a "Recommended" status for Dr. Know's "excellent Reference Library" from 2004 - 2015. The bearings in the arm would not be able to take it IMO. Posts: 38 That was a favourite combination back then. pioneer pl12d is used but very good condition with no damage and great price of 0.0 Thanks for looking! ... Chrome Headshell and Cartridge for Pioneer PLA450, PL510A, PL55DX, PL55X, ATR. Compatible replacement styli are available for most cartridges. Download our Order Form or … Worldwide shipping available! The M95ED is one of Shure’s first lines of moving magnet cartridges that got Shure a big stride into the market of vinyl recorder accessories. Pioneer PL12D Turntable Original Tonearm Base 3 x universal headshells with all 4 audio wires2 x armsvarious cartridge fixing screws please note these have been used. ! I've just bought one of these on ebay for 40 quid. Pioneer PL-12D Vintage Turntable And Shure M75 Ed Cartridge. Direct replacement for a Pioneer PL12D turntable belt. Inside isn't much but a simple & lightweight belt-drive, separate anti-skating and a nicely designed tonearm. Offered for sale is an exceptionally fine example of the ubiquitous PL-12D. vintage Pioneer turntable with overhang checker. However I also love the M75 and its very well suited for Rock music, and albums that have had a good life and are maybe not in perfect condition anymore. 0 0 0 0, When it comes to playback quality, the choice of cartridge is just as important as the amp, loudspeakers and the deck itself. The Cartridge is a Like New, Old Stock Ortofon with less than 10 hours on it. Share. The nude elliptical stylus alone was worth three times the asking price, so I bought one. The plinth has some of the Walnut veneer tape peeling up a bit at the corners. Is there a way to tell if a cart/stylus is too compliant? I'm peter. I'm Geoff. So maybe you are correct and I should not use my Shure cart? Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vintage Pioneer Pl-12d Belt Drive Turntable Shure M75ed Type 2 Cartridge at the best online prices at … Not far into my renewed interest in vinyl, I became aware that the Ortofon OM20 was well regarded amongst audiophiles. Even though the manual for the Pl-112D states a high compliant cartridge, the furnished cart for that table when new had a suggested tracking force of 2.0 grams. comes with ortofon vms5e mk2 cartridge and genuine stylus. Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by grendel, Sep 1, 2011. The PL12D was typically sold with a Shure M75ED or Ortofon FF15 or Audio-Technica cartridge, although any standard 1/2" bolt-on cartridge will work on the PL12D. Best cartridge for Pioneer pl12d turntable. Indeed the M75ED2 is a pretty forward cartridge – very dramatic sounding, and much fun – and the Pioneer is smooth enough to tame its excitable nature. How good were these decks? But you shouldn't confuse that with S-shaped Japanese arms like those on the Pioneer or tables like the Technics; mass on those arms being probably twice that of the Series III, around the 12-14 gram area including mounting hardware. Having experience with that combination, though, leads me to believe that a lot of the AT's and older Shures are just a bit too compliant for the S-shaped arm on the Pioneer. Early low-budget Pioneer 'table named PL-12E in Japan, not to be mistaken with the later japanese PL-M12 which is similar but shows slightly better specs (or the export PL-12S or the similar but japanese PL-12ED). Note delivery dates. It looks in decent nick (from the photos anyway), and hopefully it will give me good playback of my old vinyl (currently gathering dust in attic).